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Upload listings for a transaction commission fee or on a paid basis.

Companies and agents from the following countries can advertise properties for free and with no commission

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  • We are published by leading business media
  • We have flawless market reputation
  • Tranio is selling property since 2011
  • Having closed over 1,000 transactions successfully
Advertise for a transaction commission fee

Advertise for a transaction commission fee

  • Work under a contract
  • Priority in the catalogue
  • Property selection requests
  • Residential and commercial property listings
  • We work by contract with companies only under the Partnership Programme
  • Receive client requests and enquiries for property selection
  • We process requests, liaise with clients, and send requests to you. The transaction is supported by a Tranio manager.
  • Tranio reserves the right to offer alternatives to clients – learn more
  • The transaction commission fee is calculated on a case-by-case basis.
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Advertise property on a paid basis

Advertise property on a paid basis

5 rubles per listing
  • No commission fee
  • Direct contact with clients
  • Advertising as an individual
  • Residential properties only
  • No commission on transactions
  • Work without a contract, just by agreement
  • Only receive client requests for your properties
  • Receive requests directly and work with clients independently
  • Tranio reserves the right to offer alternatives to clients learn more
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Anna Khoroshavina
Anna Khoroshavina

Companies and agents from the following countries can advertise properties for free and with no commission

  • Finland


  • Bulgaria


  • Georgia


  • Turkey


  • Malta


  • Romania


  • Netherlands


  • Poland


  • Serbia


  • Belgium


  • Philippines


  • Indonesia


  • Korea


  • India


  • Australia


  • Slovakia


  • New Zealand

    New Zealand

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Company and agent requirements

At least 3 years of experience and a good reputation.

The company can handle transactions in English.

Company can provide a licence, a tax number and a legal adress.

Property requirements

Residential property only.

Property listings from owners or developers.

You must provide at least 30 properties.

Advertising terms

The seller processes the request independently.

Tranio reserves the right to offer alternatives to clients – learn more.

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Regardless of the cooperation conditions and location, Tranio reserves the right to offer its own investment products and alternative offers from other partners to interested clients. We can also use the client's contacts to send out articles and marketing materials.

Tranio can also deny a company's listing placement, if the company does not meet the advertising terms.

Reviews of our works

  • Many thanks to the team of Tranio and its founder George Kachmazov for cooperation when purchasing property for my customer in Germany. The customer highlighted their high professionalism concerning transactions with private overseas property and the customer-oriented approach at each stage of work.

    Igor BaskoIgor Basko, Deutsche Bank
  • Founder of Tranio George Kachmazov is one of the most advanced Internet entrepreneurs of my generation. George is noted for his self-discipline, exacting attitude towards the team, creative thinking and the ability to quickly implement interesting ideas into practice.

    Sergey BaevSergey Baev, Sberbank Asset Management
  • The company has exceptional connections to potential investors and has a proficient team that is capable of forming compound financial models that attract financiers. Our experiences with Tranio are encouraging and progressive, which makes them one of our preeminent business partners.

    Zsolt FarkasZsolt Farkas, Mundial AG
  • I know Tranio since 2013. I am really pleased with competence and high level of client service the team provides.

    Nikolay VlasikhinNikolay Vlasikhin, UBS

About us

We have been operating in the European real estate market since 2010.

Previously, we had been just selling real estate, but the accumulated knowledge of local markets later allowed us to create an infrastructure and offer more complex investment products: renovation projects, bonds, mezzanine loans.

We do not mediate transactions

We do not mediate transactions but rather liaise partners directly with clients.

International scope

We attract clients from different countries and regions, including the CIS, Europe and China. Tranio's website has about 15,000 visitors per day and their number is growing constantly.

We adhere to transparency in business relations

All the transaction parties know their roles and functions of the other stakeholders, the names of partners and counterparties are always open for clients.

  • 100,000


  • 700

    partner companies from all over the world.

  • 1000+

    transactions closed

How to start advertising for a commission fee

  1. 1. Leaving a request

    If you wish to become an official partner of Tranio and advertise properties for a transaction commission fee, you need to fill a request. If your company meets our requirements, we will hold a Skype conference and negotiate the terms of cooperation.
    How we choose partners

  2. 2. Signing the contract and uploading property listings

    You sign a partnership agreement and advertise your properties on the website. Property listings can be uploaded automatically, via XML, manually via your personal account or send the photographs and descriptions of the properties, and our editorial office will place the listings themselves.

  3. 3. Working with property requests and enquiries

    Tranio's managers process the incoming requests and connect you to the buyers. We will also additionally send you the client enquiries that match your area of expertise, price segment and location.

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How to start advertising on a paid basis

  1. 1. Registration

    If you are not ready to join the Partnership Programme, you register on the website independently as an individual seller.

  2. 2. Uploading listings

    You upload the listings independently, using your personal account, pay for advertising and they are being moderated.

    If the listing has been created correctly, it is posted on the website in a few days.

  3. 3. Editing

    You can edit, delete and unpublish your listings.

Advertise on a paid basis
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