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Property for sale in Bernau

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525,000 €
Total area 135 m²Land area: 1,500 m²2 bedrooms1 bathroom
Buy-to-let apartment with a yield of 4.25% in Leipzig, Saxony, Germany

High rental yield

108,000 €
Total area: 19 m² 1 bathroom Yield 4.25 %

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Ksenia Kolesnikova
Ksenia Kolesnikova,
Real Estate Expert

Similar properties in Bernau and surrounding areas

Beautiful 30’s house with a generous garden in quiet location, Petershagen/ Eggersdorf, Brandenburg, Germany for 550,000 €
550,000 €
Total area 139 m²Land area: 1,264 m²4 bedrooms2 bathrooms
Renovated multi-apartment house with a garden in Potsdam, Brandenburg, Germany for 1,660,000 €
1,660,000 €
Total area 420 m²Land area: 1,655 m²5 bedrooms3 bathrooms
New duplex apartment in the center of Teltow, Brandenburg, Germany for 638,000 €
638,000 €
Total area 119 m²1 bedroom2 bathrooms
Duplex apartment in a new building, Teltow, Brandenburg, Germany for 650,000 €
650,000 €
Total area 122 m²1 bedroom2 bathrooms
Duplex apartment in a new complex, Teltow, Brandenburg, Germany for 778,000 €
778,000 €
Total area 140 m²3 bedrooms2 bathrooms
New two-bedroom apartment near the Teltow Canal, Brandenburg, Germany for 396,000 €
396,000 €
Total area 79 m²2 bedrooms1 bathroom
Two-level new apartment in a prestigious complex, Teltow, Brandenburg, Germany for 815,000 €
815,000 €
Total area 147 m²2 bedrooms2 bathrooms
New studio apartment with a private garden in Potsdam, Brandenburg, Germany for 277,000 €
277,000 €
Total area 32 m²Land area: 37 m²1 bathroom
New two-bedroom apartment next to a park in Potsdam, Brandenburg, Germany for 479,000 €
479,000 €
Total area 75 m²2 bedrooms2 bathrooms
Four-room new penthouse near the park in Potsdam, Brandenburg, Germany for 988,000 €
988,000 €
Total area 133 m²3 bedrooms2 bathrooms
Four-room apartment in a classic villa in Teltow, Brandenburg, Germany for 819,000 €
819,000 €
Total area 137 m²3 bedrooms2 bathrooms
One-bedroom apartment in a classic villa in Teltow, Brandenburg, Germany for 362,000 €
362,000 €
Total area 64 m²1 bedroom1 bathroom
Two new apartments in the center of Teltow, Brandenburg, Germany for 1,416,000 €
1,416,000 €
Total area 260 m²4 bathrooms
Comfortable apartment with a terrace in a historic villa, Stansdorf, Germany for 561,000 €
561,000 €

With balcony/terrace

Total area 117 m²2 bedrooms1 bathroom
Two-bedroom apartment in a historic villa in Teltow, Brandenburg, Germany for 581,000 €
581,000 €
Total area 105 m²2 bedrooms1 bathroom
Beautiful cottage with a huge plot of land in Ahrensfelde, Brandenburg, Germany for 420,000 €
420,000 €
Total area 83 m²Land area: 4,467 m²2 bedrooms1 bathroom
New apartment with a large terrace and a garden, Potsdam, Germany for 605,000 €
605,000 €
Total area 118 m²3 bedrooms2 bathrooms
LIght-flooded and avaIlable 2-room apartment In LudwIgsfelde for 195,000 €
195,000 €

Parking lot

Total area 68 m²2 bedrooms
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      FAQ about Bernau

      Can a foreigner buy a property in Bernau?
      Generally, buying a property in Bernau is possible for foreigners and there are no restrictions. You can buy real estate in Germany even if you do not have a German residence permit, but buying process does not automatically entitle you to such a permit.
      How much deposit do I need to buy a property in Bernau?
      You will need to make a significant deposit before you buy property in Bernau. A minimum deposit of 20% is standard, and in some cases, emigrants are requested to deposit in the amount of 30–40%, since they are considered as a higher risk.
      Is buying property in Bernau a good investment?
      Yes, since Germany attracts a large number of foreign and domestic investors who are looking for high-quality and highly profitable real estate. Objects generate income of 3–4% per annum, and in the north of the country — up to 5–6%. For some time, interest rates will remain low, which is good for those who want to buy and keep property in key locations.
      Are there property taxes in Germany?
      Yes. The tax base is the assessed value of the property. The basic property tax rate in Germany is 0.35%, multiplied by a municipal factor. The effective tax rate is usually between 1.5% and 2.3%.
      How can I get German citizenship?
      A person can become a German citizen in one of three ways: by birth, by adoption as a minor, or by naturalization. A person may be born a German citizen through descent from his parents, or through place of birth.
      Can I get a German passport if I was born there?
      If you do not have German parents, but are born within the borders of Germany, you qualify for citizenship by birth or by right of soil.
      How can I get residency in Germany?
      To apply to become a permanent resident in Germany, you must fulfill the following conditions: five uninterrupted years of residence in Germany with a residence permit, five years of secure livelihood, including health insurance and social insurance (pension) contributions.
      How long do you have to live in Germany to become a citizen?
      You must have lived in Germany on a residence permit for at least 8 years or you must have lived in Germany on a residence permit for 7 years and attended an integration course (or 6 years on special integration circumstances).
      How can I get permanent residence in Germany?
      Most foreign residents can apply for a permanent residence permit in Germany — a ”settlement permit“ — after five years. Some people may get it sooner. For example, if you are a non-EU national married to a German citizen, you could file your application for a settlement permit after three years.
      How many countries can German passport enter without visa?
      German citizens can travel to 188 world countries without a visa, or with a visa-on-arrival, as of today. The country has risen to the second place, up from the third place it held with France in the last Henley Index update.
      How much does German citizenship cost?
      You need to pay the naturalization fees. Application form — 255 euros for adults and 51 Euros for children under 16 years old. Test for naturalization/citizenship — 25 euros.

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