How To Upload Your Listings to Tranio

Members of our Tranio Partnership Program can upload any number of real estate listings for sale and lease to our catalogue for free.

Whichever option you pick, please consult our listings rules.

Automatic Upload

When you upload your listing,the property is automatically added to our database and when you delete it from your catalogue, it will be also instantly removed from our database.

Your IT team should be able to configure this process in just a couple of hours. Your database will then be automatically synchronized with Tranio and won’t require any extra effort from you.

  • Read our Configuring Automatic Upload (IT Guide).
  • Create an XML listings database in Tranio format. Read more about our XML format in: Russian or, in English.
  • Place the XML file on your server and assign a permanent URL to it.
  • Send this URL to

All the listings from your URL address will migrate to the Tranio catalogue overnight thanks to our bot software.

Manual Upload

Manual upload isn’t recommended for uploading large chunks of data as you need to fill out a new online form for each listing and then update it manually.

We are always happy to help: if you have any questions regarding the upload procedures, please contact us at

Do you want to join our Partnership Program? Check out all the details here. We are always on the lookout for reliable partners with extensive experience and a good reputation.