Tranio catalogue listing rules

General requirements

Tell the truth in your listings, do not falsify or provide misleading information on property prices or features.

Describe the property in as much detail as possible: size, age, distance from the sea, swimming pool, etc.

State the current construction stage for off-plan property.

Tick Owned by Bank if the property is owned by a bank.

Keep your listing up to date regarding price changes or modifications of any features.

There are two kinds of property descriptions for each Tranio listing that must be filled out: brief and full. The brief description contains the main information (140 characters max) about the property and the full version gives the details (4,000 characters max).

Brief description

The brief description specifies the type of the property and its location (city or region). List 1–2 most attractive features. For example:

"Five-bedroom villa with private beach access in Barcelona"

"Apartment in a historic building in central Paris"

"Swiss chalet with helicopter landing pad 2,500 m above sea-level"

Do not specify the price or floor area in the brief description.

Full description

Give specific and detailed features of the property: how many rooms, interior design, furniture, facilities and equipment, separate entrances, garage/parking access, etc.

State if the buyers are eligible for a mortgage, discounts, temporary or permanent residence or any other benefits.

Do not add:

  • links to other websites (URLs)
  • names of companies, facilities, complexes, projects
  • contact details
  • information unrelated to the property (e.g., about your company or any offers, etc.)

Be specific and avoid overemphasis, (e.g., ‘best’, ‘best choice’, ‘spectacular view’ etc.)

Write in English, paying attention to spelling and grammar.

No CAPITAL LETTERS: use bold or italics to emphasize certain words or short phrases.

Split your description into paragraphs. Use bullet points and lists from editing options above the text box.

Commercial property

Commercial property listings can be posted only by our partners.

When you write a listing, it is important to identify the features of interest to investors, including return, occupancy, annual profit etc.

The brief description of a commercial property includes the following options:

  • property type (i.e., commercial apartment building, shopping mall, office building, hotel, warehouse, sports or entertainment centre)
  • location (i.e., country, region, city)
  • yields
  • term of lease contract.

Example: “A shopping mall under construction in Bavaria, 7% yield and 15-year fixed lease contract without the right of withdrawal.”

The full description must include:

1) Numbers:

  • area to be let (mandatory)
  • overall area
  • land plot area
  • number of parking spaces
  • year of construction
  • date of the last capital repairs
  • number of storeys or storey on which the property is located.

Besides, specify the quarter or the year of commissioning for property under construction, number of rooms for hotels and the number of apartments for commercial apartment buildings.

For example: “Eight-storey building constructed in 1997 with 27 leased offices over a total area of 5,000 sq m. Capital repairs were last completed in 2013. There is an underground car park with 24 parking spaces, 12 of which are leased. This property comes with 1,600 sq m of land plot.”

2) Financial performance

  • annual yields, % (mandatory)
  • annual absolute return in monetary form (mandatory)
  • IRR (internal rate of return).

This part can also include potential to increase the yields.

For example: “A commercial apartment building with tourist apartments for €5,800,000. Annual rental rate paid by a tour operator is €348,000. 6% yields. If managed independently, yields can reach 35–40%.”

3) Tenants

  • current tenants (mandatory)
  • occupancy as percentage of leased areas (mandatory)
  • tenant type
  • term of lease contract, terms and conditions of its termination.

“Hotel fully leased to anchor tenant (large German management company). Lease contract term is 20 years to be renewed twice for 5 years each time.”

4) Transaction costs

  • notary fees and stamp duty
  • property purchase tax
  • broker fee.

“The property purchase tax is 5.0% of the property value. Notary fee is 1.5%. Broker fee is 5.95%. Loan registration costs is 2.0%.”

5) Lending terms

  • loan amount, % of property value
  • interest rate, % (up to one tenth of p.с.)
  • loan term
  • loan origination fee, % of loan amount.

“Bank financing is guaranteed. As per the initial agreement, the bank will finance 65% of property value at 2% per annum.”

6) Maintenance costs

  • management company fees
  • operational costs
  • property tax
  • other costs.

Please specify costs covered by the owner and those incurred by the tenant.

“The tenant covers all costs in connection with ownership, maintenance and operation of the property. This contract type is the most attractive for the investor: the owner does not incur major expenditures (insurance, taxes, operational costs). In addition, the investor earns net rental profit rather than gross revenue.”

7) Location details

It is crucial to specify the exact location of the property, but not the exact address, and give the main landmarks (e.g. the sights and main streets nearby). It is advisable to give general details about the neighbourhood (e.g. whether it is mainly industrial, office, shopping or residential).

The listing can also specify local infrastructure and amenities, advantages and prospects of the property location.

For example: “The building is one of the major urban developments in Graz. 75% of the development is a 800-apartment residential building (35–75 sq m per unit), built over an area of 4.3 ha, between 2015–2022. The remaining 25% will be occupied by offices, shops and consumer service premises.”

Moreover, you can give details about the transport infrastructure and services in the area.

“The nearest underground station is Hendon Central (Northern line) with regular services to Central London. Charing Cross railway station is a 26-minute ride. Heathrow Airport is located 25 km to the South West.”

8) Additional details

The listing can also describe potential risks, finance model or services of the company that sells the property.


Do not upload any pictures with markings (e.g., frames, watermarks, URLs, advertisements, etc.).

Upload professional pictures which are both informative and visually attractive, without any technical defects or unnecessary visuals (e.g., bad light, rubbish, personal belongings, people, etc.).

The best listings have at least 10–12 pictures covering various aspects of the property (interior, exterior, window views).

First place the front view for detached buildings or the eye-catching images of the living room or study for the apartments. The pictures of ancillary rooms (bathrooms, closets, garage etc.) should go last.

Upload large images, at least 600×400 pixels. The recommended size is more than 800×600 pixels.

Place real pictures rather than computer models for example, unless the property is under construction.

Add the floor-by-floor layouts of the property. Make sure these are big enough to read the legend.


The cost is 5 RUB per day for one property. You can pay for the ad only after passing the moderation. We accept PayPal, Yandex Money, WebMoney, Visa and MasterCard. Account replenishment in your account.