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Rhom Bho Property is a real estate company involved in property development and management, with a focus on resort condominium developments in Phuket. The company is known for its ”The Title“ condominium line, which includes low-density, resort-like condominium projects with generous green areas and facilities, aiming to create a true resort feel in residential properties.

Rhom Bho Property Public Company Limited launched its real estate venture on Phuket island under the condominium brand ”The Title“, introducing a unique approach by focusing on ”Condominiums for tourism“. This innovative concept quickly set The Title Phase 1 apart, establishing it as a standout beachfront condominium development on Rawai Beach. The project's distinctiveness and beauty garnered significant attention and trust from visitors and potential clients, reinforcing its position in the market.

The Title Legendary Bang Tao and The Title Heritage are some of the company's projects located in the prestigious Bang Tao area of Phuket. The company's designs prioritize creating tranquillity and a sense of relaxation by keeping the density low and allocating a significant part of the land for facilities. Rhom Bho Property is listed on the Thai stock exchange since 2018 (BKK: TITLE).

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The Title Phase 1

Located on the serene Rawai Beach, The Title Phase 1 is a haven away from the hustle and bustle of city life, immersing you in the beauty of nature, the warmth of the local community, and the simplicity of beach living. This picturesque setting offers a daily experience filled with joy, comfort, and relaxation. Rawai's southern tip is celebrated for its breathtaking views of nearby islands such as Coral Island, Bon Island, and Racha Island. The shoreline, dotted with long-tail boats available for rent, serves as a hub for the area's fishermen and is a stone's throw from some of Phuket's renowned attractions, including Phromthep Cape, Nai Harn Beach, and Yanui Beach, ensuring that your stay is as picturesque as it is convenient.

The core vision behind The Title Phase 1 seamlessly blends modern architecture with the natural world, utilizing horizontal lines in its design and a stark contrast between the buildings' clean white facade and the tree bark brown of the balconies. Its low-rise structure not only reduces the density of residents in each building but also expands the common and green spaces, covering over 65% of the project's area. This thoughtful design creates an atmosphere of comfort and joy, reminiscent of staying in your own private resort amidst a lush tropical setting. It offers a distinct appeal to those seeking a unique place to call ”home“, fulfilling their desire for a serene and comfortable living space.

The Title Phase 2

The Title Phase 2, extending the development along the picturesque shoreline of Rawai Beach alongside Phase 1, inherits its predecessor's underlying concept of combining contemporary architecture with the tranquillity of nature, and seeks to further enhance this synergy, promising an even more exquisite living experience. This residential haven offers not just ease and serenity in daily life but ensures complete privacy and peace at all moments. Equipped with a variety of facilities and services, it establishes a comprehensive retreat for those looking to escape the rigours of daily life, inviting residents to celebrate each day amidst the simple elegance of the natural world.

To further embody The Title's innovative concept, the company seamlessly integrates The Title Phase 2, along with its verdant spaces, with The Title Phase 1, creating a unified whole that conjures the essence of a ”City in the Jungle“. This approach underscores commitment to blending modern architectural elegance with the natural environment, a commitment that is evident in the design's simplicity and meticulous attention to detail. The buildings' white facades are accentuated by spiral patterns that capture the interplay of light and shadow, mimicking the serene dance of the woods in the breeze from Rawai Beach. This harmony is enriched by a diverse array of greenery, from delicate flowers and plants to majestic trees, all contributing to the sense of joy and contentment.

The Title Phase 3

Situated on the stunning shores of Rawai Beach, The Title Phase 3 stands out as the pinnacle project in the area, embodying the brand's foundational concept of blending modern design with the serenity of nature and the essence of simplistic living. Its prime beachfront location offers easy access to local amenities, key tourist attractions in Phuket, and a variety of beachside seafood dining options, ensuring a blend of convenience and luxury.

The standout feature of The Title Phase 3 lies in its enhancements and progressions from its predecessors in terms of design, materials, and functionality. A notable upgrade is the adoption of authentic teakwood flooring across all units, lending an air of elegance, opulence, and resilience. Every aspect of the design has been meticulously crafted with precision, ensuring optimal use of space in a thoughtful and efficient manner. Residents are welcomed to extensive communal areas that boast shimmering bright blue swimming pools, meandering walkways, and a fitness centre, all nestled within a lush tropical setting. Each detail has been carefully managed to ensure that life within the project is a serene, simple, and joyful journey, sparking delight and wonder at every turn.

The Title Residencies (Naiyang – Phuket)

The Title Residencies (Naiyang – Phuket) is set to grace the peaceful Naiyang Beach, positioned merely 250 metres from the shoreline, with the breathtaking views of Sirinat National Park serving as a picturesque backdrop. Encircled by the pristine beauty of nature and rows of natural pine trees that stretch along the white sandy beach, and conveniently located just a 5-minute drive from Phuket International Airport, this location is deemed ideal for both living and investment purposes, especially as a ”Condominium For Tourism“. The overwhelming positive feedback and success of Rhom Bho Property's previous projects have showcased the company's commitment to quality and timely execution, cementing trust and confidence in the project management team.

The Title V (Rawai – Phuket)

The expansive green spaces within the project have been crafted with careful consideration for plant variety, planting techniques, and landscape design. Occupying about 65% of the total project area, the communal spaces boast seven swimming pools across just four residential buildings, steam rooms, playgrounds, a restaurant, gyms, among other amenities. The Title V (Rawai-Phuket) is nestled on picturesque land in a tranquil area, merely 250 metres away from the beach and discreetly removed from the main road, ensuring a serene and undisturbed living environment for both residents and investors.

The Title Halo 1

In late 2022, Rhom Bho Property Public Company Limited unveiled a new venture on Naiyang Beach, titled The Title Halo 1. This project features six 7-story buildings that showcase architectural excellence, a seamless integration with the expansive landscape, and are enveloped by majestic mountain ranges. These elements beautifully enhance the aesthetically pleasing and fulfilling design of the apartment interiors.

At the heart of every The Title project lies the emphasis on green spaces and communal areas. The Title Halo 1 boasts over 2,500 square metres of verdant space and more than 75% of its area dedicated to communal use. It includes three swimming pools, among which is an expansive loop pool that brings a refreshing vibe to the residence. Additionally, the project features a spacious multipurpose lawn centrally located, ideal for social gatherings, exercise, or various activities, complemented by amenities like a steam room, gym, outdoor restrooms, a round-the-clock security system, and more.

The Title Halo 1 is set to become a prime choice for anyone who values Phuket's natural allure and seeks a place for relaxation, work, investment, or residence. Located just 5 minutes from Phuket International Airport and a mere 350 metres from Naiyang Beach (Sirinat National Park), The Title Halo 1 offers unparalleled access to both convenience and beauty.

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