Tranio is an international real estate brokerage

Following a client’s request, we find properties and the best service providers to ensure profitable and safe investments abroad.

What we help clients with

We do not mediate transactions but rather liaise clients directly with our foreign partners that are the best agencies and developers in the country of the intended purchase.

We work without any additional mark-ups for the clients: if you buy your property through us, the price for you would be exactly the same as the one quoted if you contacted our foreign partner directly. This is an essential condition specified in our contracts with all the partners.

We are committed to transparency in business negotiations: all the transaction parties know their roles and functions of the other stakeholders, the names of partners and counterparties are always open for clients.

George Kachmazov

Tranio helps build a bridge to the property our clients are seeking, by finding the best agency or developer in the target territory or market segment.

From speech by George Kachmazov,
managing partner at Tranio

Today, Tranio is


Our sales managers live and work in Dubai, Istanbul, Antalya, Athens, Berlin and Limassol.

We cooperate with large global private banks helping their clients invest in real estate all over the world and hold foreign real estate seminars for clients and employees.


We never favour any particular agency or developer at the expense of the others. That is why we are able to offer a wide range of properties from all kinds of sellers. Our catalogue has 180,000 listings around the world.

No extra charges

We deliver deals for the exact same price that our clients would get if our partners served them directly.

Valuable information

We publish daily news, high quality analysis on foreign realty, expert advice, and notes on laws and procedures related to buying and leasing properties abroad so that our readers can make their property decisions with confidence.

Who is Tranio?

Tranio is the name of a loyal and smart servant from a play by William Shakespeare.

Tranio, just like its dramatic namesake, is always at your service when it comes to international real estate.