Our mission and values

Our mission

  • to help our clients buy their ideal property abroad,
  • to find the best agency or developer for our clients in the target territory or market segment,
  • to provide the highest quality transaction support and property acquisition and management advice on the market,
  • to strike the best deal for our clients and to eliminate the risks.

Our values

At Tranio, we seek to go the extra mile for our clients. We are a fresh take on the traditional real estate agency whilst retaining old-fashioned values:

Value deals for clients. We deliver deals for the exact same price that our clients would get if our partners served them directly. We are so serious about this that it is written into our contracts with the agencies we work with.

Transparency. This is our watchword. When seeking a property, our clients should know who is who and what they do. The names of the counterparties and partners are openly available. Tranio is building a bridge to the sought-after property, not a wall between the client and foreign partner. This bridge we base on trust.

Win-win. The transaction benefits every party. Our clients find property at the best price and get advice and support at all stages, while our foreign partners and we share the standard local sales commissions.

Independence. We link our clients with several partners in the target territory or market segment, but we never favour any particular agency or developer at the expense of the others. By remaining independent, we have clients who trust us.

Our strong points

A team of professionals

We employ only experienced and dedicated people who are committed to delivering the high standard of service that our clients expect.

We are keeping abreast of the latest developments in the global property market through providing ongoing professional development for our staff.

Our editorial office conducts our own analytic research published by the major business mass media, such as Vedomosti, Bloomberg, Kommersant, RBC and others.


We care about our clients and what they think of us. We are committed to delivering what we promise and to succeeding in even the toughest assignments. Personal information is always treated with strict confidentiality and at all times we abide by the highest ethical standards.

To date, we have closed over 1400 deals, and 100 percent of our clients have reported that they are satisfied with the service they received.

Commitment and Excellence

We set challenging goals. From the onset, we intent to be the best of breed globally, not just locally.