The team of Tranio impresses me with their enthusiasm and expertise. Our clients who had worked with them spoke exclusively positively of the cooperation experience. Good luck to Tranio in this complicated and dynamic market!
A. Ionov, EY
I know Tranio since 2013. I am really pleased with competence and high level of client service the team provides. On a personal note, I wish the company new business acomplishments and luck. Original letter
We have been successfully working with Tranio in a number of business areas for a long time. Working together, we not only get a tangible benefit, but also appreciate the pleasure of communicating with like-minded people.
Azimut Yachts Russia
First and foremost Tranio is a very motivated team of professionals who surely know their job! We are very pleased with their well-coordinated work, timeliness of responses to the questions posed, and willingness to act in case of unusual situations. Original letter
Coldwell Banker
Many thanks to the team of Tranio and its founder George Kachmazov for cooperation when purchasing property for my customer in Germany. The customer highlighted their high professionalism concerning transactions with private overseas property and the customer-oriented approach at each stage of work.
Deutsche Bank
Our company has been successfully working with Tranio since 2011, during which time they have proved to be very reliable and highly efficient business associates. As a company focused on servicing the needs of High Networth Individuals, we choose our business partners and service provides very carefully, with extra diligence and caution. In Tranio we found likeminded professionals, who put client's needs first and have deep understanding of how top-end real estate market works. We look forward to years of mutually beneficial cooperation and would not hesitate to recommend Tranio to our business partners. Original letter
On Tranio website you can find special tools for search which are simple in use but very effective, selecting and comparing properties on different parameters.
RE/MAX Miami
Our company has been working with Tranio's team over some years. The company's experts provide high-quality deliverables and show a customised approach to each customer. Clients that come to Tranio are always attended to. I would like to express my special appreciation to Christine Yailoyan, Maria Alkhazova and Marina Filichkina.
Hot Real Estate
Our company asked Tranio to help attract potential Russia-based clients a year ago and the results we achieved together surpassed our expectations: a six-month sales growth was 30%. The hand-picked and properly trained managers (especially Alina Batyrshina) are passionate about their work and go into minute details to understand the client's preferences. We are happy to cooperate with such professional team of managers!
Terranova Immobilien Haus
We have been representing Tranio in Barcelona under an umbrella brand since 2014. We have become one team over this time building together an exciting successful business and providing our clients with excellent service.
MAS Spain
We are glad to have a partnership with Tranio! It offers a vast online property base and the best services.
Quality Villas
It is with much enthusiasm that I personally recommend Tranio for a professional business collaboration in the field of real estate, marketing, acquisition, and finance. The fundamentals of our business relationship with Tranio were set in 2016. Mundial AG has received the company’s great reputation throughout a number of international business pai’tners and stockholders. Tranio has helped our company to expand its horizons to the global market and has established benchmarks that would extend Mundial AG’s networks. The company has exceptional connections to potential investors and has a proficient team that is capable of forming compound financial models that attract financiers. The cooperation with Tranio is based on professionalism, effectiveness, and Hypovflemsbank scrupulousness. Our experiences with Tranio are encouraging and progressive, which makes them one of our preeminent business paitners. Original letter
Z. Farkas, Mundial AG
Tranio is a wonderful website with a unique and diverse base of property listings, a large number of partners, interesting news and expert commentaries that assist its visitors in their search for property in any country of the world.
I’ve been working with a wonderful and innovative team of Tranio for several years, first as head of RICS branch in Russia and the CIS, and then as director of the Foreign Property Department at Chesterton. I confidently recommend this company to my customers who stay happy with their service from year to year.
YK Consulting
Over the recent years of our collaboration with Tranio's team, we have repeatedly seen their professionalism and responsible attitude. The quality website constents, excellent client pool, friendly managers and constant personal contact constitute Tranio's competitive edge.
Sequoia Consulting Sagl
It’s a great pleasure to work with Tranio! Your managers are easy to deal with, responsible and qualified. They help to cope with any immediate task even if it is their off-hours. Marina Filichkina, Alina Batyrshina and Kristina Yailoyan, Tranio’s managers with whom I’ve worked recently, proved to be very credible professionals. Thank you for straightforward and efficient cooperation.
I would like to express my gratitude for cooperation and close attention that you pay to your partners, and also for irrevocably high level of customer service. Thanks to your managers’ care, understanding and eagerness to help finding the best suitable property, your clients arrive for viewing duly informed and with correct knowledge of the situation and offers available on the market. It really helps our work as it saves our and our clients’ time. Our company extends its thanks personally to Maria Alkhazova and Kristina Yailoyan, and hope that our collaboration will increase the number of deals.
MID Invest
We would like to thank Tranio for loyalty and high level of competence; it helped us to establish and constantly increase efficiency of our partnership. Tranio is one of the few Russian companies which inspires and motivate enhancing client service.
Prime Property Group
Tranio is a brilliant website where you will find the latest news of property markets and the best offers all around the world.
London Relocation Consultancy Ltd.
I am very glad to cooperate with Tranio and would like to thank the whole team. The people at Tranio work professionally and respond quickly to all our requests. We do see excellent results of our joint efforts.
Best House
Tranio is a wonderful website featuring an extensive base of listings for worldwide property purchase and rental.
Real Estate Agency “MIR”
On Tranio website you will find the latest offers for property sale and rental. Here you can also get a piece of advice on issues related to the purchase of property abroad.
Antalya Homes
I personally know George Kachmazov and his colleagues for many years. I always recommend George as a great professional and his Tranio service to my customers and friends. The quality and content of the website deserve a very high estimate.
White & Case
I would like to make a pointed reference to the professionalism of the team of Tranio who are always ready to provide all necessary information.
Toscana Immobiliare