Background and credentials


In 2022, we became active in the markets of Dubai, Turkey and Thailand, while also expanding our presence in Cyprus.

We have strengthened our team and hired dozens of new first-rate specialists.

We invested in the construction of a residential complex with a rich infrastructure in Dubai Motor City and offered our clients apartments with a favourable price-performance ratio.

We launched sales in our own redevelopment project in Greece, a premium residential complex in the north of Athens. We found a way to legally sell apartments in the complex to our clients from Russia.

We closed major deals in the German and UAE markets worth millions of dollars.

We held exhibitions and meetings for clients in Russia and Kazakhstan, hosted webinars, and made expert presentations at various events.

We launched Telegram channels, which gained more than 10,000 subscribers.

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In 2021, we closed 138 residential and commercial real estate transactions. Almost half of them were done remotely.

We closed several mezzanine deals worth more than € 40 million. The projected yield for clients is about 10% p. a.

We sold all the flats in two of our own redevelopment projects in Athens. Simultaneously we started two new redevelopment projects in Greece.

New development projects in Berlin with a total volume of almost € 20 million.

We conducted data studies and international surveys of the real estate market. We completed a total of 8 surveys in 2021 and received around 300 mentions in the media.

We created Facebook pages about investments in Germany and Greece with almost 6,000 followers.

We increased the traffic of the Russian version of the site by 11%, and the conversion rate by 50%. For the English version the figures were 7% and 26%.

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In spite of the pandemic, we managed in 2020 to make our biggest deal yet, helping a Swiss investment firm acquire a four-star hotel in the heart of Dresden. Over the course of the year, our team invested in four new development projects worth a combined total of more than €4 million.

Despite closed borders and other pandemic-era obstacles, we helped clients complete real estate transactions remotely. We closed 114 residential and commercial real estate transactions during the year.

It was also a big year for residency and citizenship-related real estate transactions; we sold a flat package for a residence permit programme in Portugal and closed our first Montenegrin citizenship transaction.

We expanded our operations into the educational sphere, having launched a free international property investment course, which we made available to anyone wishing to develop a better understanding of the real estate market, and to bolster their ability to evaluate the profitability of a given project.

In Spring 2020, we carried out a large-scale COVID impact survey. We also conducted research with Big-4 professional services firm EY on the financial habits of wealthy Russians. Our analytical heavy lifting paid off; in 2020, we received 268 mentions in the media.

We also dramatically increased our website traffic: on average, more than 600,000 people visited our websites each month.

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In 2019, we closed our 1,000th transaction.

In 2019, Tranio’s teams successfully worked on products that generated annual euro -denominated average yields of 8–10% for investors.

These included bonds in Greece, renovation projects in Bavaria, constructing apartment buildings in Barcelona and Hamburg, and mezzanine loans.

We closed a total of 171 transactions in 2019. Several commercial transactions were closed fully in-house through Tranio's infrastructure.

We closed three mezzanine transactions over the last year and the clients involved invested more than € 1M remotely. They can expect project euro -denominated yields of about 10% per annum.

In 2019, we created an automatic investment vehicle selection model to give our investors a clearer picture of what goals they can achieve with Tranio.

We have also launched an education project to train young, talented professionals interested in property investment. We plan to employ several programme graduates in the future while helping others to find jobs with major Russian and foreign property companies.

In 2019, topped Google’s English language search results for requests featuring real estate and investments. Our websites attract half a million visitors every month.

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In 2018, Tranio has offered its customers new ready-made solutions for investment: our own projects for the re-construction and construction of real estate across the world.

During 2018, the Tranio team helped clients acquire around 200 properties, 78 of them being commercial, providing a stable income in foreign currencies.

Tranio’s revenue increased by 1.5 times in comparison to 2017.

A new direction of the company — our own, 12 value-added projects.

During 2018, 35 new employees joined the Tranio — specialists in sales, analytics and marketing. We have opened three new offices in Samara (Russia), Athens and Berlin.

In 2018, Tranio was published and was mentioned 286 times in international media. Comments from our experts were published by leading business publications: Financial Times, Forbes Business Insider Germany, Die Welt.

Throughout 2018, we participated in EXPO REAL exhibitions in Munich (Germany), Prodexpo and MR&H in Athens and MIPIM in Cannes (France).

The number of visitors to the Russian and English versions of the Tranio website increased by a quarter. We launched the Turkish, Greek and Chinese versions of the site — the Tranio portal is now available in 8 languages.

The number of applications for the purchase of real estate abroad has increased from 7 to 9 thousand in comparison to 2017.

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Tranio’s website has been growing in popularity. Over 2 million people visited the website in 2017 – twice more than in 2016.
The company’s revenue grew by 18% in the past year.

In 2017, 26% of all our transactions involved foreign clients. In particular, we closed several large commercial real estate transactions in Germany to nationals of Pakistan, Turkey and South Africa.

In autumn, we launched our second development project in Barcelona.

We updated the design of our website and improved the advertising section to enable our customers to create property listings. We also enabled geotagging of property locations and made searching for real estate more user-friendly. In addition, we created a fully mobile version of the website in Russian and English.

Tranio was mentioned or referred to 290 times in the media, including Bloomberg, Huffington Post, The Guardian and The Sunday Times.

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In 2016, we went truly global. We launched Persian, German, and Spanish language websites to supplement the English and Russian versions, and we worked with clients based in Europe, North America, Asia and the Middle East.

In December, we signed a deal with a client who invested in a redevelopment project in Barcelona. In 2017, we are planning to launch this project with the help of a local developer. Soon, we will be ready to offer apartments from our joint project.

We began facilitating bank financing, providing legal audit-related and transaction structuring services and helping our clients select the right management companies to work with their newly purchased properties.

Our application-to-transaction conversion rate increased by 30%, and the amount of transactions per 100 clients increased by about one-third.

In 2016, 255 international print and online media outlets, including The Daily Telegraph, The Guardian and The Sunday Times, mentioned on a total of 362 occasions.

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The number of closed deals reached 450, 200 of which in 2015.

We have opened new branches in Spain (Torrevieja) and Germany (Freiburg). More of them are coming soon in Europe.

We have improved and are actively promoting the international version of our website. Today at least 5% of our audience are clients from Europe, Asia, America and the Middle East. Their share is still growing.

We have closed 10 commercial property sales. We are now focusing our attention on this area.

Our experts have conducted the fifth analytical study of Russian-speaking buyers on foreign property markets.

We regularly publish news and analysis on commercial property investments, risk assessment and recommended strategies to maximise secure profits.

Tranio remains the biggest Russian-language source of information on foreign property markets. The largest media in Russia and abroad publish and quote our texts. The Independent, The Move Channel, Global Property Guide, Inman and are among those.

We have moved to a beautiful new office.

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Tranio opens its first foreign office in Barcelona.

Our catalogue has over 170,000 listings. Tranio gets over 5,000 unique visitors per day and is 1.5 times faster than before.

Tranio is among the top three most-cited media in the real estate and development sector.

Through our affiliate program we collaborate with such well-established leaders as VTB, EY, Otkritie, Azimut Yachts, Alfa Capital, the International Financial Club, PrimeConcept etc., whose managers trust us to serve their clients.

The 4th Unofficial Forum for Foreign Real Estate Stakeholders is held.

Tranio publishes major analytic studies Russian Overseas Property Buyers and Russian Investment in Overseas Property.

We develop the international version of our website.

Our employees now number over 35.


We close around 100 foreign sales and lease deals. All clients report satisfaction with the service they have received.

Tranio gets over 3,500 unique visitors per day and the overall traffic in 2013 is over 1.2 million visitors.

The Tranio catalogue grows to more than 100,000 listings.

We launch Tranio Partnership Program and gain over 400 new partners.

The 3rd Unofficial Forum for Foreign Real Estate Stakeholders is held.

Tranio is one of the top five most-cited media in the real estate and development sector.

The company employs over 20 people.


The first deal is closed.

The Tranio catalogue has 40,000 properties from 70 countries.

The website gets a user-friendly search engine for fast and reliable results.

An analytic study, Russian Buyers of Overseas Property — Who Are They? by Tranio is published.

We hold two Unofficial Forums for Foreign Real Estate Stakeholders in Moscow.

Tranio now has a team of 15 people.


Tranio, a website dedicated to foreign property, is launched.

An analytic study “Foreign Property — 2011” by Tranio is published.


The project kicks off.