Cross-border real estate investment

Tranio offers both turnkey and tailored solutions
Are you looking for a yield of over 8%? Invest in construction projects in Germany

Developers with a good track record that give warranties or procure a record in the land register.

No extra charges to maintain or operate the property.

There is no need to incorporate a legal entity or open an account in Germany.

Commercial real estate or a construction loan?

Commercial property
Construction loans
Yield per annum
Investment budget
from 1.5M €
from 300,000 €
Buying expenses
  • 1 – 1,5 % — lawyer
  • 2,3 – 3,2 % — notary and state registration
  • 3,5 % – 6,5 % — acquisition tax
  • 3-6% + VAT — broker's fee

Percentage of the property value


The expenses on an independent legal review of the project

Investment term
from 5 years
to 3 years
Risk level

Yields may vary between projects

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Commercial real estate at a discount

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Commercial real estate at a discount


Why invest in real estate?

1. High yields

Real estate investment generally provides higher returns than any other financial instruments (government and corporate bonds/deposits), and such yields can be comparable or even exceed those of corporate stock/company shares.

Shares Risks Yields Corporate bonds Real estate Government bonds Deposits

2. Preservation of capital

Real estate only loses its value in very extreme cases: for example, if a building becomes completely derelict or an area uninhabitable.

3. Low volatility

Real estate is less volatile than any other financial instruments. This is because real estate transactions are conducted on private markets and are less liquid.

4. Income tax optimisation

Income from bonds and shares is subject to income tax but it is possible to deduct any depreciation from the tax base through real estate, while maintaining its market value.

5. Protection against inflation

Standard rental agreements include annual indexation, which can be expressed as a fixed percentage or can equal the consumer price index. When selling real estate, its price will also rise with inflation (given stable demand).

6. Value increase potential

It’s easy to increase the value of real estate with renovation work. Selling at the right time is also key to boosting profits.

7. Cash Flow

Investments in commercial real estate typically lead to stable cash inflows from rent, which are distributed through dividends on a monthly, quarterly, or annual basis.

8. Financial leverage

If a bank loan is used to finance a purchase, the rental income will help cover the debt. Rental income will reduce the financial burden, increasing the equity capital, which the investor can eventually sell. If debt financing is cheaper than using equity capital, an investor can profit on the difference between the cost of equity and debt capital.

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Stages of investment

  • Send a request

    Submit an enquiry with a short description of the property or investment project that you’re looking for.

  • Discussion

    We will get in touch to discuss your enquiry and requirements. Alternatively you can always visit one of our local offices.

  • Selection process

    After clarifying all the details of your request we will select the best options for you.

  • Preparing documentation

    We will advise you on all the documents required to obtain detailed information about the property, how to open foreign bank accounts, and how to apply for a loan (if required).

  • Viewing tour

    Once you have decided on the best option for you, one of our employees/local partners will meet you on site to show you around.

  • Signing a contract

    After finding the right property, you will have to sign either a sales contract (rental property) or an investment contract (development projects).

  • Money transfer

    You will be responsible for transferring the funds to the seller or developer’s account and pay the relevant fees.

  • Receiving income

    After the purchase, you will receive the rental income or profit from the sale of a development project.

Why Tranio?

A world of opportunity one click away.

We connect our clients with the best agencies and developers worldwide - we have a global network of more than 700 partners in 56 countries.

No extra fees or commission when you work with us!

Working with us will not have an effect on the price or the comission you normally pay. The sale price of any property listed on our website is the same as the one listed on our partners websites. We have legal agreements put in place with all of our partners to make sure that if you decide to purchase a property through us, you will be treated fairly and all terms and conditions of the sale will not incur any additional expenses.

Our business is transparent

We give full disclosure of all the details and information related to a transaction to our customers, including the name of partners and counterparties.


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