Cross-border real estate investment

Why invest in real estate?

1. Attractive yields

Profitability of real estate is higher than that of other financial instruments (government and corporate bonds, deposits). Meanwhile, profitability of real estate may be comparable or even exceed that of shares.

Shares Risks Yields Corporate bounds Real estate Government bounds Deposits

2. Preservation of capital

Stocks and bonds can completely lose all their value. When it comes to real estate, this can only happen if the building is completely destroyed or the location becomes uninhabitable.

3. Low volatility

Volatility is an indicator that characterises the change in price. Real estate volatility is lower than in other financial instruments, since real estate transactions are conducted on the private market and are less liquid.

4. Income tax Optimisation

Income from bonds and shares is subject to income tax. Real estate allows to deduct depreciation from the tax base, while the market value of the premises does not change.

5. Protection against inflation

Real estate usually follows inflation. Standard rental agreements include annual indexation, which can be expressed as a fixed percentage or be equalled to the consumer price index. When selling apartments, given stable demand, the price will is also rise with inflation.

6. Chance of a price increase

Real estate investments have a potential to increase in value due to possible improvements (renovation, new construction and management optimisation). Property values ​​change during the market cycles. Thus, the time of sale is a key aspect in maximising value for the investor.

7. Cash Flows

Investments in commercial real estate typically imply stable cash inflows through rent, which are distributed through dividends on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis.

8. Using financial leverage

If a bank loan was used to finance the purchase, rental income will go towards covering the debt payments. Rental income will reduce the financial burden, thus, increasing the equity capital that the investor may eventually sell. If debt financing is cheaper than using equity capital, an investor can earn on the difference in the cost of equity and debt capital.

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  • Discussion

    We will get in touch to discuss your request. You are always welcome to visit one of our offices or we can also organise a video conference.

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    We will advise you on what documents are required to obtain detailed information about the property, open bank accounts and obtain credit.

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    You will inspect the selected object/s. Tranio employees or our partners will meet you on site.

  • Signing a contract

    After finding a perfect property, you will sign a sales contract (for rental property) or an investment contract (for development).

  • Money transfer

    You transfer funds to the seller’s or developer’s account and pay the relevant fees.

  • Receiving profits

    After the purchase, you will receive rental income or profit from the sale of a development project.

Why Tranio?

We do not act as intermediaries

We connect our clients directly to foreign partners - the best agencies and developers in the country of purchase.

We do not levy additional expenditures on our clients

If you are purchasing real estate through us, the price would be the same as if you contacted an international party directly. It’s a vital issue backed by legal agreements with our partners.

We act transparently when conducting business.

Everybody taking part in the transaction are aware of their own roles and functions of other parties, names of partners and counterparties are always open to customers.


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