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Marina Filichkina,
Head of Sales

Where to invest

annual yield
8—9 %

High-income apartments in Dubai from 140 000$

annual yield
2—4.5 %

Newly‑built apartments in Berlin from €205,000

annual yield
3—6 %

Rental apartments in Athens from €100,000

annual yield
12—15 %

Apartments in Bali from $80,000

Greece Golden Visa

Apartments to let in Athens from €250.000

annual yield
4.9—10.9 %

Pre-owned tenant apartments in Dubai from $122,000

annual yield
10—15 %

Residential construction in Dubai from €1,000,000

annual yield
5—8 %

New rental developments in Dubai from $220,000

annual yield
6—8 %

Villas in Thailand from $400,000

annual yield
Up to 6 %

New developments for long-term rent in Turkey from $70,000

annual yield
4—6 %

Commercial property in Europe from €1,000,000

annual yield
8 %

Renovation projects in Greece from €1,000,000

annual yield
7 %

Residential construction in Germany from €2,000,000

annual yield
Up to 15 %

Investing in Dubai

annual yield
3—6 %

Investment projects in Germany

annual yield
Up to 7 %

Investment in office space in Cyprus

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Apartments in a co-living property in Dubai, UAE, from $145,000 yielding 9%

  • Reliable developer experienced in co-living projects

  • Yield 50% higher than the market average

  • Unique location with upbeat market

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Apartments in a co-living property in Dubai, UAE, from $145,000 yielding 9%
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    Why invest in real estate?

    High yields
    Return on real estate investment is higher than the yield of bonds and deposits and might be equal to or even exceed the earnings from shares.
    Preservation of capital
    Unlike securities, real estate would lose its full value only if the building is destroyed or the location becomes not suited for life.
    Low volatility
    The real estate market volatility is lower than for other financial instruments. Even if prices fluctuate, it is done within a small range.
    Income tax optimisation
    Share income is taxed on all profit. With proper structuring of a real estate deal, it is possible to optimise the tax base.
    Protection against inflation
    Most rental agreements provide for an indexation that is linked to the consumer price index or expressed as a fixed percentage.
    Price growth potential
    In countries with stable economies, the growth rate of property prices outpaces inflation. Additionally, the property value can be raised through renovations, new construction or management optimisation.
    Steady income
    Investments in income-producing property involve a contract and fixed rental payments, which are distributed on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis.
    Financial leverage
    Bank financing is possible, which increases the investor's return on capital. Rental income helps service loan payments and maintenance costs.
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      I confirm that I have read and accept the Privacy Policy and Personal Data Processing Guidelines.
      Marina Filichkina
      Marina Filichkina,
      Head of Sales
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      Stages of investment

      Sending a request
      Submit an enquiry with a short description of the property or investment project that you’re looking for.
      We will get in touch to discuss your enquiry and requirements. Alternatively you can always visit one of our local offices.
      Selection process
      After clarifying all the details of your request we will select the best options for you.
      Preparing documentation
      We will advise you on all the documents required to obtain detailed information about the property, how to open foreign bank accounts, and how to apply for a loan (if required).
      We will organise online viewings or you will visit the location for live viewings. Tranio associates or our partners will meet you on the site.
      Signing a contract
      After finding the right property, you will have to sign either a sales contract (rental property) or an investment contract (development projects).
      Money transfer
      You will have to transfer the funds to the seller or to the developer’s account and to pay the relevant fees.
      Receiving income
      After the purchase, you receive rental income or, after the project is finished, you receive profit from its realisation.

      Why Tranio?

      A world of opportunity one click away
      We connect our clients with the best agencies and developers worldwide - we have a global network of more than 700 partners in 56 countries.
      No extra fees or commission when you work with us
      Working with us will not have an effect on the price or the comission you normally pay. The sale price of any property listed on our website is the same as the one listed on our partners websites. We have legal agreements put in place with all of our partners to make sure that if you decide to purchase a property through us, you will be treated fairly and all terms and conditions of the sale will not incur any additional expenses.
      Our business is transparent
      We give full disclosure of all the details and information related to a transaction to our customers, including the name of partners and counterparties.
      Worth of commercial real estate sold
      Commercial offers in our database
      Partners from Europe, the US and Asia
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        I confirm that I have read and accept the Privacy Policy and Personal Data Processing Guidelines.
        Marina Filichkina,
        Head of Sales