The Tranio Story

George Kachmazov, Founder and Managing Partner

George Kachmazov

Back in 2010 my family bought property abroad. Back then I was the managing partner of an e-marketing company but what I really wanted, was a company of my own. I saw potential in the overseas real estate segment: there were many clients, potent market capacity, an interesting product, international exposure and, as it often happens, low competition in Russia. I was determined to make the best overseas property project on the market, with detailed information about acquisition terms, registration procedures, maintenance costs and expenses in other countries. Most importantly, I wanted our product to aggregate the maximum number of property listings quoting actual prices.

We started the design and development in 2010, and launched the website in March 2011. At first, we expected to cash in the same way most overseas real estate web portals do: selling advertising and paid listings. Yet, at the same time, we disliked the idea because abundant advertising always detracts from user-friendliness and website quality.

So we decided to go our own way and become Russia’s largest overseas property broker. We didn’t want to be an agency because clients were reluctant to deal with Russian agencies as they rarely added value to any transaction and had been known to overprice the property they were selling. More often than not, they became an unnecessary obstacle to buying overseas property for their clients.

We established our own direction: making Tranio a bridge on the client’s way to property. We connected interested buyers directly with the best local sellers in the region working in the requested market segment. We openly shared partner contact details and explained why we recommended these companies. That way, clients started cooperating immediately with our partners and our staff were there to establish and facilitate the rapport. Our fee is a part of the commission earned by our agency partner if they make a sale.

We decided to become the country's overseas property broker by making Tranio a bridge on the client's way to foreign real estate markets.

Many tried to talk us out of this business structure, saying it was “too complex” and questioning whether the partners would actually pay up. However, we believed that we would find the right partners and we were not mistaken. The first transaction was closed in the spring of 2012 and by the end of 2015, we had closed over 450 deals. We discontinued our free listings policy in 2013, but encouraged cooperation with outside platform participants to stay competitive and provide our clients with a wide selection of properties.

To some, it may seem like we are a real estate agency, to others, a web portal, but actually Tranio is a bit of both: we’ve developed a system that brings together the skills of our team, while eliminating the defects and complexities of overseas property acquisitions.

The process seems simple enough: find clients and hand them over to your overseas partners, yet in practice, there are always about a hundred details that need attention and a customised approach so our managers need to be highly qualified.

We spent most of 2012 and 2013 working on our processes. You can’t see many of these from the outside, but we developed a strong internal infrastructure and unique methodology. We are constantly enhancing the quality of our work. This is what helps us stay successful despite our non-standard business format. I believe that many of Tranio’s successes are thanks to the right attitude we adopt towards clients, partners and employees. Our principles are common sense, hard work, exact execution of the undertaken obligations and the desire to reach a win-win situation: when clients find the right property at the right price and our foreign partner shares the commission with us as agreed. We demand that the price quoted to our clients be exactly the same as if they had contacted our partner directly – it’s a crucial condition for our partnerships.

We want to succeed by building the right relationships with many companies worldwide and now we have over 500 partners in our portfolio. Tranio is committed to going the extra mile rather than remain complacent: we have far-reaching plans for further development and extending into adjacent business niches that are of interest to our clients.