Terms of service

Please read carefully our Terms of use comprising Terms of service, Cooperation Agreement and Personal Data Processing Terms that you accept by posting a request on our Website (the Unconditional Acceptance).

Terms of service

1. Who We Are

1.1. We (Tranio’s team) are an independent international real estate broker and do not represent interests of any particular agencies or developers. We propose our clients a wide selection of favourable offers from various sellers virtually in all the countries of the world.

1.2. Our mission is to find the best partner, agency or developer for our clients; advise on all the purchase process specifics and maintenance terms for the future property; negotiate the utmost beneficial purchase terms and, if needed, take part in opening foreign accounts, obtaining mortgage and help with other bank services; mitigate risks and provide maximum quality and professional service.

2. General

2.1. We use the following terms:
The Website is a composition of web pages placed on the Internet with a common subject, design and uniform locator of the domain tranio.ru/ tranio.com. Our start page to access all the other web pages of the Website is located on the Internet at the address http:// tranio.ru/ tranio.com

The administration of the Website (the Administration) is Limited Liability Company Tranio, Tranio.ru / Tranio.com (address: 24 Paytnitskaya Str., Moscow, INN 7705921589/ OGRN 1107746523994).

The content is texts, design features, pictures, graphics and other features whether or not resulting from intellectual activity with authorisation rights thereto owned by the Administration.

A Website Visitor is a person who downloads any page of our Website www.tranio.ru/ tranio.com or any page of its subdomain to its device (a PC, tablet, mobile telephone etc.).

The Terms of service are these provisions determining the terms and conditions and the procedure for the Website Visitor to use the information and service system Tranio.ru/Tranio.com and consent to processing personal data that is an inseparable part of these Terms of service.

Local agents are real estate agencies, developers, brokers, realtors, banks and other financial institutions operating in the same region of the world and market segment that is of interest for a Website Visitor.

2.2. If you decide to use our Website this will mean that by downloading any page you will consent to our Terms of service and be a Website Visitor.

2.3. The Administration may alter the Terms of service without giving any special notice to the Website Visitor and said alterations shall come into effect once the respective information has been posted on the Website, unless otherwise additionally determine by the Administration.

3. Website Visitors

3.1. Being a Website Visitor, you may use the Website and the Services for purposes of searching and selecting properties and analytic materials.

3.2. By uploading your details on the Website, you will be able to subscribe to newsletters, notices on new and similar listings and receive a free consultation from our manager.

4. Website Administration

4.1. The Website Administration shall manage day-by-day operations of the Website and may alter at any time the design of the Website, its content, the list of the services, alter or complement the scripts deployed, software, Content of the Administration and the other features used or stored on the Website, any server applications.

4.2. The Administration ensures 24/7 functioning of the Website yet does not warrant or represent the lack of disruptions due to technical failures or regular maintenance. The Administration does not warrant or represent that the Website or any Services will be functioning at any particular time or that they will not discontinue operation.

4.3. The Administration enjoys the required rights to the Content of the Administration (including but not limited to the one in the Website graphics that are the features of the user’s interface). All the materials available on the Website are the intellectual property of the Administration and are protected by Russian and international copyright regulations. The Administration will permit to use these materials if post the respective backlink thereto.

5. Personal Data Processing

5.1. We process your personal data in order to ensure the best search of the property suiting you, organise efficiently your cooperation with local agents (including but not limited to banks) and advise you on potential issues. Personal data shall be processed legitimately and fairly, i.a., as is stipulated in the Cooperation Agreement.

5.2. We may process your personal data that you will submit to us voluntarily, including but not limited to your personal contact details (names, telephone numbers and emails) and the data connected with your expectations of the properties.

6. Any of your negotiations (held in writing, via telephone or video-conferencing) will be recorded and analysed for purposes of enhancing the quality of service and efficiency of cooperation with local agents.

6.1. In order to ensure safe custody of your Personal Data, we will apply all the necessary legal, organisational and technical measures to protect Personal Data from illegitimate or erroneous access, destruction, alteration, blocking, copying, provision, distribution and other illegitimate acts and deeds with the Personal Data of Website Visitors.

6.2. In order to organise your cooperation with local agents (search for suitable properties, responses to your questions, availability of banking products and services to you) in the most efficient way, we may transfer your contact details and records of your negotiations.

7. Liability

7.1. We are not liable for any information available on our Website. All the information about properties, including but not limited to their description, location, pictures, prices are provided by local agents and all the claims in case of any inconsistencies are lodged directly to them.

7.2. We cannot warrant or represent and nor do we promise any particular results of using the Website and/or the Services.

7.3. We are not liable for potential disruptions and failures in operation of the Website and loss of information caused thereby. We are not liable for any loss or damage incurred to the PC of the Website Visitor, any other equipment or software caused or connected with use of the Website or other web pages available through hyperlinks posted on the Website.

8. Miscellaneous

8.1. If a court of law finds the User Agreement invalid or unenforceable this shall not entail invalidity or unenforceability of the provisions in the Terms of service that shall survive.

8.2. All the disputes shall be resolved by negotiation. The out-of-court claim lodging to resolve disputes arising out of the relations governed by the User Agreement shall be mandatory. The time period to lodge out-of-court claims shall be at least thirty (30) business days after the respective complaint has been received. If the Parties fail to reach agreement on dispute resolution such dispute shall be submitted and resolved in the court at the location of the Administration.

Cooperation Agreement

We, being Limited Liability Company Tranio (OOO Tranio, address: 24 Pyatnitskaya Str., Moscow, INN 705921589/ OGRN 1107746523994), hereinafter referred to as the Broker, represented by General Director George A. Kachmazov, acting under the Articles of Association, make this Agreement with any competent individual / legal entity, hereinafter referred to as the Client, on the following:

1. Subject Matter

1.1. The Broker shall search for properties located outside Russia in accordance with the search parameters provided by the Client verbally or in writing and, if needed, will assist the Client with obtaining bank products and services.

1.2. The Broker shall submit the contact details of local Agents, i.e. the persons that will help the Client to select the property, advise together with the Broker on the procedural issues in transaction registration, the maintenance terms and price of the property, opening a bank account in a foreign bank or obtaining other bank services, including but not limited to formalisation, terms and cost of mortgage, the terms of residence permit in the region of the Agent.

2. Rights and Obligations of Parties

2.1. The Client may:

2.1.1. Advise the Broker by email on alteration of the search parameter for properties.

2.1.2. Without any restrictions, work with other companies and real estate agencies. The Client’s cooperation with other companies and real estate agencies shall not anyhow bind the Broker both during the validity term of this Agreement and after its expiry/termination.

2.2. The Client shall:

2.2.1. Timely respond to the calls and emails by the Broker, give feedback to the proposals by the Agents.

2.2.2. Upon the Broker’s request, advise about the Agent’s cooperation (including but not limited to meetings, negotiations) and the service provided by the Agent (including but not limited to legal, technical and other advice); assess their quality.

2.2.3. Notify the Broker of the required bank services, closure of the property transaction of interest, i.a., in case the Client makes the transaction with assistance of other persons / independently.

2.2.4. Notify the Broker of refusal to receive the Agent’s services.

2.3. The Broker may:

2.3.1. Transfer the Client's contact details, written or verbal requests, other information received from the Client, concurrently to several Agents.

2.3.2. In order to enhance the quality of the Broker's service, record the audio negotiations and video conference calls with the Client, keep correspondence.

2.3.3. Upon the Client’s request, search for persons providing advisory services connected with the Broker’s activity area. The Client shall undertake payment for the fees charged by such persons.

2.3.4. If any bank products or other financial services are needed, make arrangements for cooperation with foreign banks and/or financial institutions.

2.4. The Broker shall:

2.4.1. Search for and select properties in accordance with the parameters provided by the Clients.

2.4.2. Submit to the Client trusted Agents that command sound business reputation in the real estate market and propose the Client properties at the same price that applies to their direct customers.

2.4.3. Make arrangements for introduction of the Client to the Agent via video conference calls, telephone or email and ensure the Client keeps in touch with the Agent and coordinate their interaction, if needed.

3. Liability of Parties and Dispute Resolution

3.1. The Agent shall be liable for all the information about properties posted on the Website, including but not limited to their description, locations, pictures and price. All the claims about activities by the Agent to make the transaction shall be lodged directly to the Agent.

3.2. Out-of-court claim lodging to resolve disputes shall be mandatory for the Parties.

4. Execution and Termination of Agreement

4.1. The Agreement shall be effective once it has been signed and shall be valid until the Parties perform their obligations undertaken hereunder. If upon expiry hereof none of the Parties announces termination this Agreement shall be renewed for the same validity term.

4.2. Each of the Parties may repudiate this Agreement with a notice to the other Party via email and/or telephone.

5. Miscellaneous

5.1. This Agreement and the relations between the Agent and the Client, including but not limited to those not regulated hereunder, shall be governed by the current Russian law.

5.2. The Parties have been advised and agree that this Agreement should not be mutually signed and shall be valid in e-format.

5.3. The Parties acknowledge validity of emails sent from the domain tranio.com and the Client’s email address specified in the request and find them equal to hard copy counterparts signed by hand as it is only the Parties and their authorised persons that have access to the respective communication means with those email addresses specified in the Agreement.

Consent to Personal Data Processing

By posting a request on the Website www.tranio.ru/ www.tranio.com, I give my consent to OOO Tranio (INN/ KPP 7705921589/770501001, 27 Paytnistskaya Str., the website www.tranio.ru/ www.tranio.com) to process my personal data that includes my name, patronymic, surname, contact telephone number, email address and any other data that I submit to OOO Tranio via email, telephone or in personal negotiations.

I have been advised that OOO Tranio will process my personal data to select a property in accordance with the parameters I need, arrange my cooperation with banks and other financial institutions, prepare response and advice on the issues of interest for me pertaining to the activity carried out by OOO Tranio.

I permit to process by personal data by collection, systematisation, accrual, storage, update, use, transfer, impersonalisation, blocking, destruction of my personal data. Processing may be undertaken either with or without automation means (by non-automatic processing). While processing my personal data, OOO Tranio shall not be restricted in terms of ways of processing.

I have been advised and agree that any of my negotiations with OOO Tranio (held in writing, via telephone or videoconferencing) may be recorded and analysed for purposes of improving service quality and transferred to local agents in order to enhance efficiency of our cooperation.

I agree and permit OOO Tranio to transfer my personal data to local agents (real estate agencies, developers, brokers, realtors, banks and financial institutions) with use of common networks and international information exchange, cross-border data transfer in foreign states, including but not limited to cases when such countries do not ensure adequate protection of personal data holders. Personal data will be transferred for purposes of performing the Cooperation Agreement with whose terms and conditions I have been familiarised and agree.

I have been advised that this consent shall be valid for an unlimited period of time. The consent can be cancelled by my written application. If I make a written application to revoke this consent to processing personal data OOO Tranio shall discontinue processing thereof and exclude my personal data out of the database, including but not limited to the e-database, except for the information about my name, patronymic and surname.