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Talent Passport in France in 2024

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The talent passport is a specialized visa category in France designed to attract skilled professionals, entrepreneurs, researchers, and artists. This multi-year residence permit offers a streamlined path for talented individuals from outside the European Union to live and work in France. Below, we delve into the key aspects of the talent passport, including processing times, requirements, necessary documentation, and specific provisions for researchers.

Passport Talent in France: salary

The minimum salary requirements for the Talent Passport in France vary depending on the specific category. As of early 2024, the minimum annual gross salary for the Talent Passport «Salarié en mission» is approximately €41,933, and for the «Legal Representative (Mandataire social)» category, it is €62,899.20. These amounts are higher than the statutory national minimum wage (SMIC), which is €42,406 as of January 1, 2024.

The minimum salary for the Talent Passport «Qualified employee — young innovative» is €38,475, and for the «Legal Representative (Mandataire social)» category, it is €57,712.20. The salary must be at least equal to 1.5 times the average gross reference salary fixed annually by decree by the Minister of Immigration, which was €35,891 in June 2021 and €53,836.5 in 2024.

Talent Passport in France: processing time

The processing time for a Talent Passport in France can vary significantly depending on several factors, such as the applicant’s nationality, the completeness and accuracy of the application, and the workload of the French consulate or embassy handling the application. Generally, applicants can expect the process to take anywhere from a few weeks to several months.

It is advisable to apply well in advance of the planned relocation date to France. The French government has made efforts to streamline the process for highly skilled professionals, researchers, and investors, among others, to attract talent to the country.

France Talent Passport requirements

The France Talent Passport is designed for highly skilled individuals who wish to live and work in France. The requirements vary depending on the specific category under which an applicant applies, but generally, the following criteria must be met:

  • Demonstrated professional expertise in the relevant field. This could include qualifications, years of experience, and recognition within the industry.
  • A job offer from a French company, in some cases, specifying a minimum salary threshold that reflects the high skill level of the applicant.
  • For business investors and entrepreneurs, a significant investment in a French business is often required, either in monetary terms or through a business plan that promises job creation or economic contribution.
  • For researchers or academics, a recognized academic qualification and a hosting agreement with a French research institution or higher education institution are necessary.

Documents required for Passport Talent Visa in France

The documentation required for a Talent Passport visa application can be extensive and must be prepared carefully. While the exact documents can vary based on the specific talent passport category, the following list provides a general overview:

  • A valid passport that will remain valid for the duration of the stay in France.
  • A completed and signed visa application form.
  • Recent passport-sized photographs that meet the French visa photo requirements.
  • Cover letter, explaining the purpose of the stay in France and why the applicant qualifies for the Talent Passport.
  • Professional documents, which can include a CV, proof of professional qualifications, work contracts, letters of recommendation, and evidence of previous work or projects.
  • Documents proving financial stability, such as bank statements or a salary slip, to show that the applicant can support themselves in France.
  • For investors or entrepreneurs: evidence of investment or a detailed business plan.
  • For researchers: a hosting agreement (convention d’accueil) with a recognized research or academic institution in France.

Researcher-Talent Passport in France

The Researcher-Talent Passport is a specific category of the French Talent Passport scheme aimed at attracting researchers and academics to France. This category is tailored for individuals planning to engage in scientific research or teach at a higher education level in France.

Requirements for this category include:

  • A valid hosting agreement (convention d’accueil) from a recognized French research institution or university. This document serves as proof of the researcher’s engagement in a research project or teaching assignment.
  • Evidence of academic qualifications, such as diplomas and certificates, relevant to the research field or teaching discipline.
  • Proof of financial means or funding for the duration of the stay, which can be from scholarships, grants, or employment contracts with the hosting institution.

Applicants under the Researcher-Talent Passport category benefit from streamlined procedures and the ability to bring family members under a simplified process. This category underscores France’s commitment to fostering a vibrant academic and research environment by welcoming international talent.


Do I need to have accommodation in France to apply for a Talent Passport?

To apply for a Talent Passport in France, you do not necessarily need to have accommodation in the country. The Talent Passport is a long-term residence permit designed for foreign workers and self-employed individuals to contribute to France’s economic growth. It allows individuals to live and work in France, engaging in paid employment, for up to four years from the arrival date. 

The specific requirements for the Talent Passport may vary depending on the category, such as highly skilled worker, artistic and cultural profession, or person of international renown. However, while accommodation is not a specific requirement for the Talent Passport, applicants will need to meet other criteria, such as having an employment contract or being a person of international renown.

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