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Taxes in Finland

Income and corporate taxes in Finland are relatively high. The annual real estate tax rate depends on whether the owner has their permanent residence in Finland.

Transaction and registration taxes

Title deed transfer tax is charged to the buyer at 4% of the value for houses and 2% for apartments. A record of the transaction is kept at the district court.

Registration tax is 0.05%.

Ownership tax

Municipal tax is paid on real estate in Finland at a rate of 0.37–3.00%, depending on the property value, at the beginning of each calendar year. Non-residents pay a higher rate than permanent residents.

Residents 0.37–0.80
Other categories 0.80–1.55
Property under

The above rates are base rates and may differ from one municipal district to another.

Non-residents Residents
Imatra 0.97 0.37
Kuopio 1.10 0.52
Parikkala 1.10 0.50
Helsinki 0.80 0.37
*not for permanent residence

Capital gains, inheritance and gift taxes

Capital gains tax is payable upon sale of property and ranges from 30% to 32%.

Inheritance and gift tax vary from 0% to 36% depending on the degree of relation and value of property.

Income and corporate taxes

Income tax for residents and non-residents includes property rental income in Finland. Annual rates range from 0% to 31.75%. Foreign employees working in Finland are taxed at 35%.

Income, EUR Rates, %
Under 16,100 00.00
16,100–23,900 06.50
23,900–39,100 17.50
39,100–70,300 21.50
70,300–100,000 29.75
Over 100,000 31.75

Corporate tax is 20%.

Disclaimer: the information in the above article is for reference and may be subject to change over time. Persons interested in exact calculations should contact a certified tax specialist in this country before purchasing property.

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    Property buying guide for Finland
    Article 5 of 5
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