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Business Golden Visa in UAE

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The United Arab Emirates has emerged as a global hub for business and investment, offering a dynamic environment that attracts entrepreneurs and investors from around the world. One of the key initiatives introduced by the UAE government to stimulate foreign direct investment is the Business Golden Visa.

This program provides a pathway for eligible investors, business leaders, and high-net-worth individuals to obtain long-term residency in the country, unlocking a myriad of opportunities for both personal and professional growth.

Key features of the Business Golden Visa

The Business Golden Visa in the UAE is typically granted to individuals who meet specific investment thresholds. These investments can take the form of establishing a business or making capital investments in existing businesses. The program is designed to attract individuals who contribute significantly to the economic development of the UAE.

5-year Visa for Entrepreneurs

This category includes those having an existing project with a minimum capital of approx. 136,129 US dollars, or those who have the approval of an accredited business incubator in the UAE. The entrepreneur can include three top managers of the company in the application.

If the person is a founder of a previous entrepreneurial project that was sold for a total of not less than 1,906,200 US dollars, they will be entitled to the Golden Residence.

10-year Visa for Entrepreneurs

An expatriate can obtain a Golden Visa in Dubai for 10 years in the following cases:

  • If he or she invests 544,632 US dollars or more in an investment fund;
  • If he or she establishes a company with an authorised capital of 544,632 US dollars or more;
  • If he/she invests 544,632 US dollars or more in the UAE economy, provided that the investment in property is not more than 40% of the total amount.

Entrepreneurs are allowed to apply for a visa for two employees of the company: an executive director and a consultant. Additionally, business partners may be included in the application, provided that each partner invests 544,632 US dollars.

Inclusive eligibility criteria

The Business Golden Visa is not limited to a specific industry, making it accessible to entrepreneurs and investors across various sectors. Whether in technology, real estate, finance, or any other field, individuals with a proven track record of success and a commitment to contributing to the UAE’s growth are welcomed.

Long-term Residency

Successful applicants are granted long-term residency, providing them with the stability and security to plan for the future.

The residence permit can be renewed repeatedly as long as the company exists or as long as the employee works there.

This extended residency period not only fosters a sense of belonging but also allows individuals to immerse themselves in the vibrant culture and diverse business landscape of the UAE.

Family Sponsorship

One of the appealing aspects of the program is the inclusion of family members. The amendments allow the Golden Residence holder to sponsor his or her family members, including spouse and children, regardless of their age, and to sponsor support services labourers without limiting their number.

Read more about sponsoring a visa for family members in our article.

UAE Golden Visa Application Process

The UAE government has streamlined the application process for the Business Golden Visa, ensuring a quick and efficient pathway to residency. The Federal Authority for Identity & Citizenship and the General Directorate of Residency & Foreigners Affairs administer the Golden Visa for foreigners.

«One touch» Golden Visa service is a comprehensive service designed to simplify the application and the renewal process for a Golden Residence Visa, saving the applicants’ time and effort.

Benefits of the Business Golden Visa

  • Business expansion. The Business Golden Visa opens the door to a range of business opportunities, encouraging entrepreneurs to expand their ventures in the UAE and tap into the growing markets of the Middle East and beyond.
  • Low Tax Rates. A 9% effective corporate tax rate (ETR) is applied on income or profits.
  • Access to global markets. With its strategic location, world-class infrastructure, and advanced connectivity, the UAE serves as a gateway to global markets. Holding a Business Golden Visa facilitates international business activities and collaborations.
  • Cultural and lifestyle enrichment. Residency in the UAE offers individuals and their families the chance to experience a rich cultural tapestry, enjoy a high quality of life, and access world-class amenities and services.

The Business Golden Visa in the UAE stands as a testament to the country’s commitment to fostering economic growth through the attraction of global talent and investments. This initiative not only benefits the recipients but also contributes to the overall development and diversification of the UAE’s economy, making it a beacon for those seeking a prosperous and fulfilling business environment.

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