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UAE Family Residence Visa: how to apply, requirements and fees in 2024

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The United Arab Emirates offers the opportunity for expatriates to sponsor their families to reside with them through the Family Residence Visa if they (sponsors) have a valid residence permit/visa.

Family Residence Visa allows dependents, such as spouses and children, to live in the UAE under the sponsorship of the primary visa holder. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to apply for a family residence visa in the UAE.

How to apply for Family Residence Visa in the UAE

To successfully apply for a family residence visa in the UAE, certain requirements must be met. The primary visa holder, who is usually the head of the family, must have a valid UAE residence visa and meet the minimum salary criteria set by the immigration authorities.

A resident sponsor has 60 days to apply for his dependents’ residence visa after they enter the UAE under an entry permit.

The following documents are typically required:

  • Application form. Complete the visa application form available through the Federal Authority for identity and citizenship website or at the immigration office.
  • Passport copies. Submit clear copies of the passports of the primary visa holder and all family members applying for the residence visa. Passports must be valid for at least 6 months.
  • Passport photos. Provide recent passport-size photographs of each family member.
  • Marriage certificate. The sponsor must prove an existing marital relationship by submitting an attested marriage certificate in Arabic or duly translated into Arabic by a certified translator.
  • Birth certificates. For children, submit attested birth certificates.
  • Medical examination. Undergo a mandatory medical examination for all family members. This includes a health check and a screening for infectious diseases. Medically unfit individuals will not be granted a residence visa.
  • Proof of accommodation. Provide evidence of suitable accommodation, such as a tenancy contract or property ownership documents.
  • Emirates ID. If already issued, include copies of Emirates ID for the primary visa holder.

UAE Residence Visa sponsorship

The primary visa holder is the sponsor for the family residence visa in the UAE. As a sponsor, it is the responsibility of the primary visa holder to ensure that all required documents are submitted accurately and on time. The sponsor must meet the financial criteria and maintain a valid UAE residence visa throughout the duration of the family’s stay.

Requirements for sponsoring a Family Residence Visa in the UAE

If an expatriate meets the above sponsorship requirements, they can sponsor their spouse and children for a residence visa.

The sponsor must have a minimum salary of $1,089 (4,000 dirhams).

Sponsorship of daughters

A resident expatriate can sponsor their daughter only if the daughter is unmarried. No age restrictions apply.

Sponsorship of sons

A resident can sponsor their son up to the age of 25. Sons with special needs can be sponsored with no restrictions on their age.

Newborn sponsorship

Newborn children require a residence visa within 120 days of birth.

Sponsorship of parents

A resident may sponsor his or her parents for a one-year residency by making a deposit as a guarantee for each parent as required by the immigration authorities.


The family member’s residence permit is dependent on the sponsor family member’s residence permit.

The cancellation of the sponsor's visa will result in the cancellation of the dependents' visas.

Obtaining a family residence visa in the UAE involves a careful and thorough process, ensuring that all necessary documents are in order.

UAE Family Residence Visa fees

There are fees associated with the issuance of a family residence visa in the UAE. The cost varies depending on factors such as the duration of the visa and the number of family members.

Family Residence Visa fees in the UAE

File opening

$55 or 200 dirhams

Entry permit

$28 or 100 dirhams

Residence visa

$85 or 310 dirhams

Medical test

$115 or 420 dirhams

Emirates ID 

$100 or 370 dirhams

UAE Residence Visa requirements for spouse

When applying for a residence visa for a spouse in the UAE, specific requirements must be fulfilled. In addition to the general documentation mentioned above, spouses may need to provide additional proof of the marital relationship, such as photographs, joint bank account statements, or any other supporting documents that demonstrate a genuine and legal marital bond.

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