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Dubai’s Cultural Visa: how to apply in 2024

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Dubai’s Cultural Visa

Dubai’s Cultural Visa is designed to facilitate the entry of individuals contributing to the cultural landscape of the city. Whether you are an artist, performer, writer, or involved in other cultural endeavours, this visa allows you to participate in and enrich Dubai’s cultural scene.

Requirements and how to apply for Dubai’s Cultural Visa

Before initiating the application process, ensure that you meet the eligibility criteria for a cultural visa.

If your request is denied, you cannot resubmit the application again until a period of no less than 6 months.

Cultural visas are typically granted to individuals involved in artistic, literary, or cultural activities.

Eligibility criteria for Dubai’s Cultural Visa

Golden Visa applicants under the category of «Creative Individuals in the field of Culture and Art» or «Media» are subject to specific criteria. To qualify for this visa, applicants must fulfil the following conditions and provide evidence of recognition and achievements.

Certificate of appreciation or nomination

Applicants should furnish a certificate of appreciation or nomination from a prestigious international or regional authority in the field of culture and art. This recognition serves as validation of the applicant’s excellence and contribution to the industry.

Honorary position in an international authority

Applicants may showcase their outstanding creativity by holding an honorary position in a prestigious international authority within the field. Such recognition highlights the applicant’s significant impact and expertise.

Active membership in international art organizations

Proof of active membership in a renowned international art organization or association strengthens the applicant’s credibility. It signifies their involvement and engagement within the global artistic community.

Recognition from critics, media, and industry professionals

Applicants must demonstrate that their creations have garnered attention from critics, media outlets, or industry professionals. This acknowledgment validates the quality and relevance of their artistic endeavours.

Participation in prestigious forums and events

Applicants must provide evidence that their works have been showcased in prestigious forums locally, regionally, or internationally. This includes exhibitions, forums, festivals, and events where their contributions have been recognized and appreciated.

Documents Required for Dubai’s Cultural Visa

  • Passport copy.
  • ID copy.
  • A CV (curriculum vitae) including contact information, biography, prominent creative works, achievements in the cultural and creative fields.
  • Copy of current residency visa (if the applicant is a resident of the UAE).
  • Coloured personal photo.

In certain instances, following the review of the submission form and accompanying evidence, applicants may be requested to provide a recommendation letter from reputable creative or cultural entities.

The Customer Happiness Department will reach out to applicants in such cases and provide them with the necessary template for the recommendation letter. This additional requirement aims to ensure thorough evaluation and assessment of the applicant’s qualifications and contributions within the field of culture and art.

Applying for recommendation for golden visa for creatives from the Ministry of Culture and Youth is free of charge and there are no fees.

Applicants can submit their documents through the form on the Dubai Culture Department website or directly to the office.

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