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Property maintenance costs in Switzerland

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In Switzerland, property maintenance costs about €60–70/sq m per year. For example, it costs about €5,100–5,950 per year to maintain an 85 sq m apartments.


Annual real estate tax is 0.05–0.30% of the cadastral value depending on the canton.

TV and radio tax (including in the car) costs about €410 per year. Payments can be made once a year or every quarter to the Billag company. Those who do not pay can be fined up to €4,100. The largest TV and Internet providers are Cablecom, Orange, Sunrise and Swisscom.

Income tax is charged at federal, canton and communal levels. The maximum federal rate is 11.5% (for incomes exceeding €667,000 per annum) and the maximum cantonal rate is approximately 30%. The total percentage of revenue taxed can reach 40%. Residents of Wollerau (canton of Schwyz) pay the lowest income tax, less than 19% in total. Residents of Wollerau have the highest income per capita of the country.

Income tax is paid on all property, even if it is not rented out, according to potential rental income as assessed by Swiss authorities.

Wealth tax is maximum 1.5%.

Capital gains tax is paid upon sale of property depending on the canton and duration of ownership. It varies from 25% to 50%.

Inheritance and gift tax is paid to the canton, except for the canton of Schwyz which doesn’t apply this tax.

Utility bills

For a flat of 85 m², the cost of utilities averages around €150 per month. Schaffhausen is among the cheapest cities. There, owners pay €80 per month for electricity, water and gas. Charges in the mountain resort town of Saint Gallen are substantially higher, about €240/month. In Geneva, owners pay an average of €160 and €100 in Zurich.

Aarau 148
Basel 185
Bern 180
Geneva 160
Lausanne 163
Lugano 113
Neuchatel 205
Schaffhausen 82
Sion 98
St. Gallen 241
Zurich 109

In many communes waste removal is done using special bags and charges depend on the bag’s volume and rate established by the commune. For example, in Zurich a property owner must buy special Züri-Sack bags. Their price includes the waste removal charge.

Züri-Sack bag
Cost of service,
17 0.85
35 1.70
60 3.10
110 5.70
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"Utilities cost about €85 per sq m every month" guess this is an error. Don´t think 85 euros per square meter and month is correct. This would amount to ~82,000 euros for a 80sqm flat each year :o
Thank you, we fixed the error.
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    Property buying guide for Switzerland
    Article 5 of 6

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