+ Property prices in the UK

London is going green with its burgeoning biotech architecture

Real estate prices in the UK vary greatly and there are many different types of property to choose from. London and the South East of England have the highest property prices in the UK, ten times more expensive than the other regions.

Indeed, foreign investors flock to the capital, its suburbs and Brighton, Cheltenham, Bath, Dartmouth, Poole and Salcombe in the south of England.

In London, Belgravia, Kensington, Chelsea, Knightsbridge and Mayfair are market hotspots with premium property valued at £1M or more.

The East of England is rural and popular for its traditional farmhouses. Manchester has a strong demand for lettings making it a great investment destination for those looking for quick returns on their purchase.

Seasonal flat rentals are proliferating in Britain’s larger cities like London, Manchester and Edinburgh and resorts on the south coast such as Bath and Brighton.

Real estate prices in London have been growing for many years. Housing in the country’s famous Shires, especially the East Midlands and the East of England, is cheaper as result of the 2008 crisis. Buyers can find modestly priced property in the North West and Scotland.

Property prices in the UK, £/sq.m

London and suburbs Wales Scotland
Apartments (flats) 10,000–15,000 2,000–2,500 1,500–2,500
Detached property
(houses, villas)
10,500–13,000 2,000–2,500 2,000–2,500
Luxury property
(castles, mansions, estates)
24,500–26,500 2,500–3,500 2,500–3,500