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5 Reasons Real Estate Agents Need to Create a Content Marketing Strategy ASAP

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We've all heard about the benefits of content marketing for various businesses, including those in the real estate industry. However, how much have you personally invested in creating a strategy aimed at winning the online content marketing wars?

Most people thinking they're doing everything they can, when in reality they could be doing so much more. There are significant benefits to dialing in a good plan, most of which boils down to better branding, along with faster and more long-lasting ROI for your efforts.

We’ve worked with clients with a wide range of knowledge about content marketing. The worst are those who work in an industry they feel doesn't benefit from content marketing, but the trend shows that content marketing ROI for that particular industry goes through the roof. Convincing them is a challenge. And this also holds true in the real estate industry.

Consider this interesting stat: 90 percent of all real estate buyers use the internet to search for homes. And along with the fact that content marketing delivers three times as many leads per dollar as paid search, you definitely can't ignore content marketing for your real estate agency.

If your real estate agency is not in the content marketing game right now, please consider getting into it ASAP. Here are five good reasons to do so:

1. Content marketing offers more than just short-term financial ROI

How does increasing brand visibility, your reputation, traffic to your website that contains property listings, client engagement, and sales closing rate sound? All the above can lead to bigger financial returns, but can also significantly grow your brand to make it more future proof.

How are you going to know what people are saying about you if you never put anything out there for them to comment on and spread around to their contacts?

2. It compliments other forms of marketing

Content marketing isn't just a one-off strategy with a singular benefit. It complements your other efforts such as with SEO, social and lead generation.

Content marketing leads to better organic search rankings as content drives more visits to your site and, if it keeps them there longer, will improve search engine ranking parameters. From a social perspective, more people reading your content will lead to more followers, shares, etc.

3. Not just for those who like to write

Many companies still think of “content” in terms of the written word only. While a lot of web users do still like to read; video and infographic content is arguably much more popular — especially from a social shares perspective. The same goes for visual tutorials such as step-by-step how-tos.

Other great ideas aside from writing include podcasts and weekly vlogs where someone interviews experts in your space, or provides tips and walkthroughs to get visitors engaged with your brand.

4. Crushing competition (so they don't crush you)

All the big brands and many small ones have an excellent presence on the web, due in large part to their content marketing efforts over the years. Truth is, your closest competitor is already doing it, probably really well. They're capitalizing on trends, client fears, trending topics, special events and upcoming opportunities they can deliver to clients in order to gain loyalty points.

5. Compounding ROI

The reality is that you can't simply turn out a few select bits of content today and expect to see something happen to your online presence. Nor can you expect to release a few pieces over the next few months and gain momentous traction. However, if you stay the course and keep offering informative, insightful and/or entertaining content (all the above work best) you'll enjoy compounding returns on each individual investment for years to come.

As your web real estate increases, more content consumers will look back on what you've already released, more content will be shared, more people will get excited about your brand. It's like a snowball effect: That snowball starts off small when it begins to ascend the mountain, but by the time it's halfway down, it's big enough to run over anything that gets in its path (in your case, the competition!)

About the Author

Ivan Widjaya is the owner of online marketing agency Previso Media, the award-winning entrepreneurship blog Noobpreneur, and several other online publications. He is a business blogger, web publisher and content marketer for SMEs.

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