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7 simple design tips to sell your house quicker

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Are you having trouble selling your house and looking for some fun and useful tips and tricks to get it off your hands? Here are seven simple ways to attract buyers and sell your home fast without dropping the price. Even better still, you can do a lot this without getting a contractor and many of these tips can actually increase the resale value.

1. Maximise space

Getting rid of clutter highlights the space and lightness of a room

Clutter is so last century and there’s nothing more off-putting than someone else’s souvenirs collecting dust in your future home. It’s important to remember that buyers want to imagine their future in this house, not your past. This means packing up those bits and bobs and making sure workspaces and bathroom sinks are not littered with necessary but unsightly personal belongings. If you lack space, look out for some ergonomic solutions to make the best out of every corner of your kitchen. Smart cupboards, fashionable ways to hang utensils and well-lit cabinets will enhance the feeling of spaciousness.

2. Plug the demand

Make sure there’s plenty of sockets for kitchen appliances

Make sure you have enough sockets and plugs to accommodate as many kitchen appliances as possible, anything from juicers, food processors, wine coolers to other smart gadgets and recreational electronics. The kitchen is a communal space enjoyed by everyone, which means that including some extra charging stations for devices such as phones, tablets, radios and TVs can make a big difference. Optimise your bathroom with a waterproof sound system, connect it up to the kitchen and voila, your home is now state of the art.

3. The only way is open plan

Millennial buyers prefer open plan layouts

More and more academic research suggests that Millennials don’t go out as much, rather they prefer to host wallet-friendly house parties with close friends instead. Therefore, if you really want to get buyers interested, especially if your home’s been on the market for a while but no one’s biting, then now is the time to break down that wall — the living room wall that is. Turning your kitchen into an open space gives potential buyers a chance to imagine themselves entertaining and cooking for their friends, a sure-fire lifestyle hook for the new generation.

4. The Age of Bathrooms

Make your bathroom a talking point

Bathrooms should be a talking point, not a place of shame and bodily functions. Gone are the days of dim lights and u-shaped toilet mats that are the same age as you. Remember, you are selling a dream, not a house. Infuse a living space vibe into your bathroom with colourful, soft rugs, a few personalised decorations, magazine and book stands, art and even furniture to make your bathroom an oasis of relaxation. And no matter what you do, burn the grimy shower curtain and scrub any glass or tiles.

5. Change that leaky tap

Most people just want a functional bathroom

While it’s a given that improvements to your kitchen and bathroom pay off, luxury improvements don’t. Most buyers just want a nice, functional, fitted kitchen and a clean, modern bathroom — but are not ready to shell out for top of line Japanese toilets or a contemporary French bidet with a golden inlay. In fact, modernising the bathroom to an appropriate sanitary level (e.g., no leaking faucets, cracked toilet bowls or limescale-encrusted taps) is by far the best investment. Some research even shows that a midrange bathroom renovation will actually earn you a pretty penny, recovering £1.71 to every £1 invested in the remodel.

6. Research your colours

Combination wall-designs are in style this year

A lick of paint is the simplest and most obvious way to give your house a new lease on life. It can revive a home and transform the ambiance but only if you choose your colour palette carefully. While white might seem like the easiest option for most people, make sure to consult Pantone for the latest trends — they’re the leading voice in colour trends. The colours of 2016 are rose quartz and serenity: adding a touch of chic to your bedroom or guest room. Many interior designers predict that 2016 shall be the year of experiments, meaning playful combinations of stripes, graphic lines and other patterns will completely change your bedroom and give it a whole new personality.

7. The personal touch

A few unique details can really capture the buyer’s imagination

Buyers don’t want your musty artefacts but they do want a personal touch. Remove the junk and add unique, artisanal objects and artwork to your bedroom. Telling a story through design can help bring the vision of your buyers to life. Make them “feel at home” and they will remember it!

Bianca Jutaru — Tranio.com

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