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Business visa for Italy

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Foreigners that go to Italy on business must apply for a business visa. This type of visa permits the holder to take part in business meetings and negotiations with foreign business partners, make supply or cooperation agreements, or participate in training sessions at production sites. The documents must be submitted along with an application that includes an excerpt from the companies registrar and an invitation from an Italian company.

Obtaining a business visa 

A business visa for Italy is issued on an invitation from Italian partners. This is a multiple-entry short-term type C visa that permits to stay in Italy for up to 90 days each six months. A holder of such Italian visa may visit all the other countries of the Schengen area. A business visa does not confer the right to work in the Schengen member states.

Business visas are issued for various terms depending on the dates of the trip specified in the invitation from the Italian party. Should fingerprints have been submitted before,  visa can be obtained without personal presence by proxy/attorney if.

Documents for a business visa for Italy may be submitted in an Italian embassy or visa centre. It takes four to ten business days to obtain this visa on average.

A consular fee for processing a business visa application and a service fee of a visa centre are set for the applicant's home country.

Documents for a business visa for Italy

  • A foreign passport valid for at least 90 days after expiration of the visa,
  • A copy of the foreign passport page with personal information and a photograph of the applicant,
  • A national passport of the home country in the original and a copy of the page with personal information and registered address,
  • Consent to personal data processing,
  • Completed questionnaire,
  • 3.5x4.5 cm colour photograph,
  • Bank statement showing account balance required to live in Italy,
  • An employment proof stating a monthly employment income,
  • A copy of the registration certificate for the company employing the applicant,
  • An invitation from an Italian company (Dichiarazione d'invito) specifying the purpose of the visit — original or copy,
  • A copy of passport for a representative of the Italian company that signs the invitation — the pages with personal data and personal signature,
  • A copy of the excerpt from the trade register (Visura camerale) valid for no more than six months prior to submittal,
  • Proof of residence — a hotel booking or address of stay specified in the invitation from the Italian company,
  • Medical insurance valid for the Schengen countries with a minimum insurance coverage of €30,000,
  • A payment receipt for a consular fee,
  • Round-trip tickets reservation (compulsory to apply for expedited visa processing),
  • Documents proving business relations with the host party: a copy of an agreement with the Italian company, copies of invoices, bills for the last orders (if any).

The consulate may request additional documents from an applicant for a business visa. Consular officers may invite the applicant for an interview.

Invitation from an Italian company

An invitation from an Italian or multinational company present in Italy must be obtained to make a business trip to Italy. The document must be made in Italian or English on the official letterhead of the company and sealed and signed by the company’s official whose name is to be specified in full. If the applicant is willing to visit Italy together with family members, the invitation must specify the personal data of family members and the purpose of their visit as “accompanying”.

The invitation may be submitted in the original or a copy together with the entire set of the documents for a visa. Download a sample application to Italy on the website of the Italian visa centre in your country.

Information to be specified in the invitation:

  • Registration number with the Chamber of Commerce,
  • Full names, present employers, and positions of all the invited individuals,
  • The desired duration of the visa,
  • The purpose of visit to Italy, such as participation in negotiations, paid internship, visit to an exhibition, factory, or execution of a supply agreement,
  • Places to visit during the business trip,
  • A company or individual in Italy that will cover accommodation, meals, and health insurance fees of the invited individual.

If the inviting party covers the travel expenses of the applicant, the risk of visa refusal is reduced to the minimum.

The invitation should specify that “The inviting company would be criminally liable over the entire term of a foreign national’s stay for any potential violations of migration law by such foreign national.”

Declaration of presence

Foreigners entering Italy on a business visa must request a declaration of presence (Dichiarazione di presenza) in Italy within eight days after crossing the border of Italy. Such declaration is obtained from the local police office Questura.

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