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Greece in winter: the country’s best ski resorts
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Greece in winter: the country’s best ski resorts

Greece is traditionally seen as a summer holiday destination, but the country also has 18 ski resorts open from December to April, which have been gaining in popularity in recent years because of their affordability. Prices for winter holidays are two to three times lower in Greece than in Austria, Switzerland or France, and certain Greek resorts offer annual membership cards at a price comparable to a weekly ticket in the Alps.

This is creating demand for tourist services and accommodation all year long, and makes inland property in Greece an equally attractive investment to real estate along the coast, especially considering the country’s golden visa program, which gives buyers of property above €250,000 a Greek residence permit. The following resorts are a small selection of what the country has to offer visitors in winter.


Parnassus is 180 km from Athens. It is Greece's largest and the most modern ski resort and was opened in 1976. it is located aslope the eponymous mountain at an elevation between 1,640 m and 2,260 m.

Resorts in Greece
Photo: greecetaxi.gr

Parnassus has 23 pistes of varying difficulties – from easy runs for children to black runs for experienced skiers. The total length is 34 km. The resort has everything holiday-goers may need: 17 ski lifts, ski equipment sales and service outlets as well as rental stores.

1 day 6 days 10 days 20 days 80 days
Adults 25 85 135 240 400
and students aged 6 to 25
15 45 70 120 200
Seniors over
65 years of age
20 77 122 216 360
Source: parnassos-ski.gr

During the high season (between 23 December and 7 January and on weekends), multiple-day tickets are twice more expensive (adults pay €85 for three days and so on). Children under the age of 5 years, veterans and the disabled can get a daily lift pass at just €1. There are also 1,500 day tickets available at a price of €1,500, which include the use of a private parking lot and a clothes locker.


Kalavryta, Greece's second-largest ski resort, is located 191 km from Athens in the northern Peloponnese, on Mount Chelmos, at an elevation ranging between 1,730 m and 2,460 m. The resort has welcomed guests since 1988.

Resorts in Greece
Kalavryta has three snowboarding and skiing schools Photo: gtp.gr

Visitors have 14 downhill pistes to choose from, including routes suitable for children and beginners to extremely difficult ones. The total length of ski runs is 25 km. Kalavryta is also home to SnowPark, an area designed for freestyle skiing and equipped with obstacles and jumps that makes it the perfect snowboarding venue.

1 day Annual pass
High season Low season
Adults 25 15 330
Schoolchildrenand students 20 12 240
Families with children 60 40 550

Children under the age of 5, seniors over 70 years old and the disabled can visit Kalavryta free of charge. Ski and snowboard rentals cost €15 during the low season and €20 during the high season. Schoolchildren and students pay €15 and €12 respectively.


The Kajmakčalan resort is 128 km from Thessaloniki on Mount Voras, Greece’s third-highest mountain, while the ski centre itself is located at an elevation ranging between 2,050 m and 2,480 m. The summit of Mount Voras offers wonderful views of the Thermaic Gulf and the top of Mount Olympus.

Resorts in Greece
The long and wide pistes of Kajmakčalan are perfect for beginners to train on Photo: kaimaktsalan.gr

The resort has been operating since 1994. It is currently equipped with six ski lifts and 10 ski runs, the total length of which, according to Skiresort.info, is 14.5 km.

1 day 6 days 10 days 80 days
High season Low season
Adults 15 10 40 60 180
Schoolchildren and students
aged 6 to 25, seniors over
65 years of age
10 5 25 40 125
Families with children 37 25 - - 360
Source: kalavrita-ski.gr

Like at Parnassus, multiple-day tickets are twice more expensive during the high season. A daily lift pass for children under 5 years of age costs €1.


The Vasilitsa ski resort, 42 km from the town of Grevena and 220 km from Thessaloniki, is located on the northeastern side of Mount Vasilitsa between 1,646 m and 2,115 m.

Resorts in Greece
In summer, the slopes of Vasilitsa are equipped for cyclists Photo: trekearth.com

Vasilitsa has seven ski lifts and 16 downhill routes of varying difficulty, with a total total length of almost 16 km. The resort has been operating since 1994.

1 day Winter season pass
High season Low season
Adults 13 10 135
Minors and students
under the age of 25
10 8 110
Children between 6 and
12 years of age
8 5 90
Source: vasilitsa.com

Vasilitsa is also open at night, when a lift pass costs €5.

3-5 Pigadia

3-5 Pigadia is the only Greek ski resort with a completely automatic snow-making system. It is 17 km from the city of Naoussa and 103 km from Thessaloniki. 10 runs are located on the western side of Mount Vermion between the elevation of 1,430 m and 2,005 m. The resort has six ski lifts.

Resorts in Greece
Pigadia's has training facilities for athletes of any level Photo: facebook.com

Along with the opportunities for downhill skiing and snowboarding, Pigadia offers chances for mountaineering, hang gliding and paragliding.

1 day Winter season pass
High season Low season
Adults 15 12 150
Schoolchildren and students
aged 6 to 25, unemployed, seniors
over 65 years of age
13 10 130
Children under the age of 12 10 8 100
Source: 3-5pigadia.gr

Guests with disabilities can visit Pigadia at no charge. Lift passes are offered at a discount during high-season afternoons.

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