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Property maintenance costs in France

In France, it costs €40/sq. m. per year on average to maintain property and an owner of a 70 sq. m. apartments will pay about €2,800 per year. Charges for maintaining property in Paris is €2,167 per year or €32.90/sq. m., which includes services such as maintenance personnel (€970), heating charges (€610), lift maintenance (€182.85), insurance (€50.26) and a house management fee (€155.20), according to the French National Real Estate Federation (FNAIM).


There are two types of property tax in France: taxe foncière (applicable to all property owners) and taxe d’habitation (paid by residents of the property, either owners or tenants); both depend on the surface area and region. Homeowners are usually charged €400–1,500 per year and the forty largest communes (municipalities) in France charge €580 for taxe foncière on average and €990 for taxe d’habitation per year. The annual rate of taxe foncière equals half of one month’s potential rental income for communes with commercial activity and 1.5 months for less developed areas. The taxe d'habitation is calculated in the same manner.

City Taxe d’habitation Taxe foncière
Aix-en-Provence 1,067 876
Boulogne-Billancourt 892 614
Lille 966 589
Lyon 902 726
Marseille 1,216 891
Montpelier 1,246 1,305
Nant 1,048 1,000
Nice 1,022 993
Paris 462 635
Strasbourg 965 685
Toulouse 911 1,061

Utility bills

Utilities per square metre cost about €40/sq. m. a year in France and include both common and individual charges. The common charges cover shared amenities like the lift, water and concierge fee (€18/sq. m. per year on average). Individual utilities cover electricity, gas and heating (unless the building has shared central heating). There is also a management fee for shared buildings of about €3/sq. m. per year.

Lift 2.70
Heating 11.31
Hot water supply 3.50
Cold water supply 3.31
House management
Concierge fee 8.15
Repairs 6.15
Taxes 0.41
Insurance 1.80
Green plant care 1.62
Total 42.38


Home insurance is mandatory in France and costs €100–2,000 per year on average or €1.80/sq. m., which is less than 1% of the property value.

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    Property buying guide for France
    Article 5 of 6
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