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How to get Cyprus citizenship by investment in 2023

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NB: The Government of the Republic of Cyprus made a decision to close the citizenship-by-investment programme starting from 1 November 2020: The following article describes the conditions of the citizenship-by-investment programme before its termination.

We recommend considering Cyprus’ residency-by-investment programme, which is still available.

Since 2018, the Cypriot authorities approve no more than 700 applications for investment-based citizenship per year. Moreover, in 2017, 1,013 individuals became the country's nationals. The demand for Cypriot citizenship is high. Learn why it is so and how it can be obtained, reading this article.

Cyprus citizenship-for-investment programme

In 2013, the Cypriot authorities launched a citizenship-for investment programme. Since 2018, it is known as the Cyprus Investment Programme. Any foreign national who has invested at €2M in real estate, public bonds or a local business can obtain the passport. The programme has become popular: in 2014, the passports were issued to 400 foreign nationals, and the number is growing year on year.

The citizenship of Cyprus is granted to the investor, the investor's spouse, minor and financially dependent children below 28 years of age: students or disabled children. The citizenship is also available to the investor's parents, but it is necessary to buy another residential property of at least €500,000 in value in this case.

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Why investors are interested in obtaining Cyprus citizenship

The number of those who would like to get a Cypriot passport through buying real estate is growing year by year. Among them are Russian nationals: Cyprus is one of the most active locations for Russian investors to buy residential real estate.

Due to the investor's demand, the authorities have even limited the number of the permits issued. The main reasons why programme has become popular:

  • the investor obtains the citizenship of an EU member country, which allows to work in any EU country, visit 158 countries visa-free and study at any EU university with a discount;
  • beneficial tax regime: double taxation agreements signed with more than 40 countries, no property tax and the lowest company tax rate in Europe;
  • dual nationality — it is not necessary to renounce birth nationality to obtain a Cypriot passport;
  • quick issuance — six months after submitting the documents.
  • investment recovery — the purchased assets can be sold in three years except one home of at least €500,000 in value or two homes if the investor's parents have obtained nationality together with the investor.
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Documents required:

All the necessary documents are submitted together with a letter. In the letter, the investment and the criteria under which the application is made, are explained.

The investor's personal documents:

  • an M127 application form signed by a Cyprus Court Registrar or a consular authority;
  • birth certificate;
  • passport copy;
  • police clearance certificate issued in the country of residence;
  • marriage certificate;
  • two passport size photos;
  • Schengen visa copy;
  • labour contract copy or personal income receipt.

Relatives submit the same documents, but they need to provide a copy of the investor's naturalisation certificate instead of the proof of income.

Documents for the purchased property:

  • sales contract;
  • certificate confirming the registration of the agreement with the Department of Lands and Surveys;
  • payment proof;
  • copy of the bank transfer to the property seller;
  • independent property assessment certificate if required by the Ministry of Interior or the Ministry of Finance;
  • investment development plan when buying a land plot.
  • All the foreign documents must be authenticated and translated into Greek or English.

Citizenship obtainment procedure

After the application is submitted, the formal review procedure begins. The documents are forwarded to the Ministry of Finance to verify if the applicant meets the legal criteria. At the same time, the applicant's identity is checked by the Cyprus Ministry of the Interior. If the authorities do not find reasons to refuse, the documents are forwarded to the Council of Ministers for the final decision.

The expected application lead time is six months, given that all the documents are collected and the application is submitted correctly. The day of the fee payment is considered to be the day of the application submission.

After the application is approved, the citizenship obtainment procedure starts. The procedure will be complete if the applicant has a residence permit valid for at least six months. If there is no residence permit, it is necessary to wait for six months.

The Civil Registry and Migration Department issues the naturalisation certificate upon the payment of a €5,000 fee. 

Having pledged allegiance to the Republic of Cyprus before a Cyprus Court Registrar or a representative of the Consulate of the Republic of Cyprus, the investor receives a passport of Cyprus.

FAQ: Requirements for obtaining citizenship

What advantages does the Cypriot passport provide?

The Cypriot passport enables to live in any EU country, enter 174 of the world visa-free, use a favourable tax regime, gives privileged access to European education and an opportunity to recover your investment.

Who can participate in the Cyprus citizenship-for-investment programme?

Since 2019 any foreign national can participate when complying with the following terms: obligatory investments in state funds and additional investments in the form of property purchase or creating companies and making contributions to alternative funds or stocks.

What else can I invest in to obtain Cypriot nationality?

The investor ought to put €200,000 into state funds and buy residential property for €500,000. After that it is possible to choose from the following list of options: put €2M into another piece(s) of property, business, investment funds or stocks.

How much does it cost to obtain a Cypriot passport?

The costs associated with obtaining Cypriot nationality depend on the type of investment and amount to at least €2.2M with the applicant also paying fees.

Are the investments made to obtain Cypriot citizenship refundable?

The amount of the non-refundable state fund investment is €150,000. The rest of the investment can be recovered five years after by purchasing or maintaining the ownership of a €500,000 property.

What type of property is it possible to invest in to obtain Cypriot nationality?

Residential, commercial or tourist real estate is available to invest in. It is also permitted to invest in buying land plots with investment development plans.

How is the real estate bought for the citizenship programme?

Having chosen a property, the investor will have to put down a deposit and reserve the property. Next – to make a down payment, pay taxes and fees and receive an application for a permit to buy from a Cypriot lawyer. The investor pays the remaining amount and gets a title deed afterwards.

Can Cypriot nationality be obtained without buying real estate?

No. The investor ought to buy property for €500,000 at least.

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