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Property for sale in Sicily: apartments and houses

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495,000 €
Total area 365 m²5 bedrooms7 bathrooms
330,000 €
Total area 170 m²Land area: 200 m²4 bedrooms2 bathrooms
New apartments with sea views in Nice, Cote d'Azur, France

Residence permit

800,000 €
Total area 2,150 m²Land area: 30,000 m²20 bedrooms16 bathrooms
1,100,000 €
Total area 200 m²Land area: 1,200 m²3 bedrooms2 bathrooms

Sea view

580,000 €
Total area 950 m²Land area: 1,200 m²16 bedrooms2 bathrooms
700,000 €
Total area 250 m²Land area: 180,000 m²3 bedrooms3 bathrooms

Turkish passport for buyers of apartments from $250,000

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Ekaterina Maslova
Ekaterina Maslova
Senior Residence and Citizenship Advisor
1,500,000 €
Total area 1,100 m²Land area: 16,000 m²11 bedrooms11 bathrooms

Sea and mountain views.

1,900,000 €
Total area 350 m²4 bedrooms
450,000 €
Total area 150 m²Land area: 1,400 m²3 bedrooms2 bathrooms

Sea view

800,000 €
Total area 320 m²Land area: 1,000 m²3 bedrooms3 bathrooms

Next to the sea

1,300,000 €
Total area 450 m²Land area: 3,000 m²6 bedrooms5 bathrooms

With swimming pool

980,000 €
Total area 600 m²Land area: 3,000 m²8 bedrooms8 bathrooms
800,000 €
Total area 215 m²Land area: 10,000 m²4 bedrooms2 bathrooms
850,000 €
Total area 300 m²Land area: 1,000 m²3 bedrooms3 bathrooms

With swimming pool

820,000 €
Total area 240 m²Land area: 1,500 m²3 bedrooms3 bathrooms
980,000 €
Total area 500 m²Land area: 80,000 m²9 bedrooms12 bathrooms
1,250,000 €
Total area 900 m²Land area: 200,000 m²20 bedrooms13 bathrooms
520,000 €
Total area 480 m²Land area: 350 m²4 bedrooms4 bathrooms

With balcony/terrace

1,600,000 €
Total area 300 m²Land area: 700 m²4 bedrooms3 bathrooms

With swimming pool

530,000 €
Total area 260 m²Land area: 700 m²4 bedrooms5 bathrooms
495,000 €
Total area 509 m²Land area: 1,000 m²5 bedrooms4 bathrooms
1,000,000 €
Total area 500 m²Land area: 14,000 m²12 bedrooms12 bathrooms
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      FAQ about Sicily

      How much tax is paid on residential rentals?
      Italy has progressive tax rates. If you lease residential real estate on a regular basis you need to declare your total annual rental income every year. If this amount does not exceed € 15,000 per year, it is taxed at 23% plus 2% of the annual rent. If the annual rental income is greater than € 75,000, it is taxed at 43% plus 2% of the total annual rent. However, paying less tax is possible: for example, when registering a rental contract with the cedolare secca option, the tax rate is fixed at 21% of the annual rent. And on a comodato d'uso contract, no tax is paid because this type of agreement implies a temporary provision of housing for free.
      What is the property purchase payment process?
      According to Italian law, non-residents must open a local bank account and transfer the full property purchase amount to it. In addition, 10% of the deposit must be paid by bank cheque. When the notarial act is issued, the bank will issue a cheque with the remaining amount to the seller.
      What documents are required to buy an apartment in Sicily?
      • Passport;
      • Marriage certificate or premarital agreement;
      • Tax identification code – codice fiscale (on request from an Italian consulate in the applicant's home country or the local tax authorities).
      Which regions of Italy offer the cheapest property prices?
      It’s possible to buy a one-bedroom apartment for about € 60,000 in the city of Pizzo (Calabria) and from € 105,000 in the region of Abruzzo.
      How much does it cost to maintain a property in Sicily?

      Residential property maintenance costs comprise three parts: tax, utilities, and insurance. Italy introduced a unique communal property tax called imposta unica comunale (IUC) on January 01, 2014. It is calculated on three taxes:

      • Municipal property tax (imposta municipale unica, IMU). It is levied at 0.76% but not on the real estate used as primary residence;
      • Waste tax (TARI) – about € 100;
      • Municipal tax for road maintenance, street lighting, and so on.

      On average, the tax on an 85 m² apartment is about € 850 per year.

      As for utility payments, they depend on the property. Anywhere between € 200-5,000 per annum for an apartment, depending on its size, while a villa with a swimming pool will be somewhere between € 1,200-6,000 per annum.

      The insurance fee depends on a property’s value and usually ranges from € 300-2,000 per annum (usually 1–2% of the property value)

      Can Italian citizenship be obtained through buying a property?
      Property owners do not automatically become Italian citizens. It is necessary to live in the country for at least 10 years before becoming eligible for citizenship.
      Which regions of Italy are the most promising for investing in real estate?
      The most advantageous regions in terms of property investment are Lombardy, Piedmont and Liguria thanks to the well-developed infrastructure, which fuels price growth.
      What is the process for the transaction closure?
      To start, you need to open an Italian bank account and obtain a tax identification code. After that, a deposit is paid to reserve the property. The sum of the deposit is 1% of the purchase amount. Next, a sales agreement is signed. If the transaction closure is particularly time-consuming, a preliminary agreement with a deposit of as much as 10–30% can be signed. The final sales agreement is processed at a notary office. The agreement is also officially registered with Italy’s Real Estate Registration Department. The payment can be made in two ways: by a cheque or via a direct transfer of funds from the buyer’s bank account. After this is sorted, the new owner will receive the keys, sales agreement, and property register extract.
      Do foreigners pay the same property taxes as Italians?

      Yes, in Italy the taxes for residents and non-residents are the same.

      If buying a new-build you will have to pay:

      • VAT — 4% of the property value;
      • Fixed registration tax — € 200;
      • Fixed mortgage tax — € 200;
      • Fixed cadastral tax — € 200;

      For an existing property you will have to pay:

      • Fixed registration tax — 9% of the property value (€ 1,000 at least);
      • Fixed mortgage tax — € 50;
      • Fixed registration tax — € 50.

      Owners pay a communal tax of up to 10.6%. Income tax for individuals is between 23–43%.

      Are there any extra costs related to the purchase of an apartment in Sicily?

      Yes, in addition to the expenses mentioned above there are a number of additional costs. For example, the payment of notary fees at 2–4% of the property's assessed value. This includes:

      • Cadastral tax and a mortgage instalment – € 50 or € 200 depending on the buyer's residence permit availability;
      • State duty – € 230;
      • property tax – € 24.71;
      • State register inscription fee – € 90;
      • Notary fee – about 1–2.5% (for properties priced between € 300,000-1M the fee is € 5,000-7,000).
      Can non-residents obtain a residential mortgage loan in Sicily?
      Yes, but it is difficult to do so. Non-residents must have lived in Italy for at least two years and in some cases for five years. The income must be euro or dollar -denominated.
      What is the process for property title registration in Sicily?
      Property title registration involves several stages. Firstly, the parties sign the sales agreement at a notary office. The notary then forwards the information to state agencies: tax authority, cadastre chamber office, and registration chamber. The lead time for documents ranges from a few days to three months, depending on the region where the transaction is closed. Only when all of the registration processes are completed does the buyer receive their original documents.

      Property price dynamics in Sicily

      January 2017 - March 2020
      Maximum €1,362 /m² · Minimum €1,223 /m²
      1,362 € /m²
      January average 2017 year
      1,355 € /m²
      February average 2017 year
      1,341 € /m²
      March average 2017 year
      1,334 € /m²
      April average 2017 year
      1,345 € /m²
      May average 2017 year
      1,332 € /m²
      June average 2017 year
      1,331 € /m²
      July average 2017 year
      1,339 € /m²
      August average 2017 year
      1,323 € /m²
      September average 2017 year
      1,318 € /m²
      October average 2017 year
      1,311 € /m²
      November average 2017 year
      1,299 € /m²
      December average 2017 year
      Jan. 2017
      1,297 € /m²
      January average 2018 year
      1,291 € /m²
      February average 2018 year
      1,305 € /m²
      March average 2018 year
      1,292 € /m²
      April average 2018 year
      1,291 € /m²
      May average 2018 year
      1,283 € /m²
      June average 2018 year
      1,279 € /m²
      July average 2018 year
      1,277 € /m²
      August average 2018 year
      1,290 € /m²
      September average 2018 year
      1,271 € /m²
      October average 2018 year
      1,265 € /m²
      November average 2018 year
      1,283 € /m²
      December average 2018 year
      Jan. 2018
      1,268 € /m²
      January average 2019 year
      1,268 € /m²
      February average 2019 year
      1,262 € /m²
      March average 2019 year
      1,261 € /m²
      April average 2019 year
      1,259 € /m²
      May average 2019 year
      1,249 € /m²
      June average 2019 year
      1,247 € /m²
      July average 2019 year
      1,247 € /m²
      August average 2019 year
      1,240 € /m²
      September average 2019 year
      1,256 € /m²
      October average 2019 year
      1,243 € /m²
      November average 2019 year
      1,234 € /m²
      December average 2019 year
      Jan. 2019
      1,226 € /m²
      January average 2020 year
      1,226 € /m²
      February average 2020 year
      1,223 € /m²
      March average 2020 year
      Jan. 2020
      The data is provided by and based on the answers of its users. Tranio does not guarantee its reliability.

      Sicily is the biggest Italian island and its largest region in the Mediterranean, with myriads of amazing tiny islands around it, offering a unique range of nowhere-else- to be found Sicily real estate. Residing there is an undoubtedly alluring, and purchasing property in Sicily can become an attractive investment option, as the tourist inflow has been growing over the recent years.

      The most in-demand property for sale in Sicily are two- or three-bedroom apartments, with gardens, garages, terraces and air conditioning, preferably close to seaside resorts. However, there is much to be surprised at pretty all over the island. The three main islands in the south are Lampedusa, Pantelleria, and Linosa; with the Aegadian Islands in the west, the Lipari Islands not to be forgotten in the north-east as well as the little Stromboli where the local volcano is still active, Ustica and finally Lipari which gave its name to the entire island group. As for the volcanoes, Sicily is best-known for the Mount of Etna; the highest active volcano in Europe outside Caucasus. Living or owning property there and may be really dangerous, still many organised routes exist enabling you to explore the unique natural landmark while being totally safe. Besides, the gigantic fire-breathing mountain is strewn with ski resorts. The coasts are predominantly rocky and high and the sea views are marvellous, making it the true gem of the island.

      Cafes and restaurants

      Sicilian cuisine is one of the most appreciated around the globe, with influences from many other cultures and nations who stepped on the island, the gastronomy treasury offers a variety of flavours to mention the least. Many visitors to this awesome region are often amazed but intrigued by the diversity of the island’s foods. No matter if you choose to have a posh dinner at any of the numerous Michelin-starred restaurants dispersed all over the region or would rather pop into one of the isle’s unassuming cafes proudly serving centuries-old traditional gastronomy in the countryside, a delight awaits your inner foodie. Gigi Mangia in Palermo and Duomo in Ragusa are two must-visit restaurants preparing fusion dishes worth trying at least once.


      As for shopping, Sicily simply can’t disappoint. All the main cities – Palermo, Agrigento Catania, Syracuse, - have shops that belong to the famous and universally loved chains of H`n`M and Zara not to mention the others, but to taste the true flavour of Sicilian fair, however, you should visit at least one of the busy markets in and around Sicily. Here, a continuous line-up of singular handmade goods can be purchased, starting from marionettes to pottery and culinary treats. Giardini Naxos near Messina and Mascalucia near Catania are two recognised outdoor markets worth visiting. This is also a chance to have a glimpse of Sicilian culture unchanged by modern times as well as to strike a bargain.


      You can easily arrive at the magnificent island by plane. With quite a few airports littered throughout its area, you won’t find anything difficult in getting on board of a charter from Italy, Europe or other countries of the world. Once here, however, you’ll need the support of a patron saint to go around the island. Despite, being served by ferry, bus, and rail services, none of these kinds of transport runs through the entire region, no can it be named reliable or punctual. To comfortably explore the magnetic island, it is better to rent a scooter or a car in order to be able to reach the most remote corners of the island, without hurry and taking advantage of the abundant photo opportunities on the way.

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