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Property in Portugal

Real estate investment is one of the best ways to ensure a stable future. Buying a house, apartment, villa, or another type of residence in Portugal is an affordable foreign property investment. Intensive economic growth in the country is pushing the prices of residential properties higher every year. The absence of barriers to foreign nationals makes the buying process easier, and a wide range of properties to choose from allows buyers to find the residence best suited to their preferences and funds.

Why Portugal?

  • Well-developed infrastructure. Any part of the country can be reached by car on a good road dotted with restaurants, cafés, and rest areas.
  • High living standards determined by education, affordable healthcare and a favourable business environment.
  • Thriving agriculture covers over 70% domestic demand for produce.
  • Most of the cities have no more than to 10,000 residents, perfect for a slower pace of life.
  • Advanced medicine - healthcare meets international standards with service costs in private clinics starting from €50 (significantly less than other EU countries).

Residential property prices in Portugal went up by 23% in 2017-2018. Despite the coronavirus pandemic, prices continued to grow in 2020 – gaining 12% during the first months. Lisbon and the Faro region are leading the national price race. Against this background, real estate purchases in Portugal have great potential as profitable investments.

Marina Filichkina Head of sales

Property prices in Portugal

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Price per m²
Price dynamics
Luxury villas for sale in Portugal
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Upscale villas and homes are associated with prestige and safety. When it comes to Portugal, high-end property is an excellent way to get permanent residence and access to the EU zone with all the benefits that go with coastal or resort property. The qualifying condition for this is the acquisition of property for no less than €350,000 (in a building more than 30 years old or requiring restoration), or investment of at least €500,000 into other property types. There are many upscale villas and houses in the Iberian resort districts of Faro, Setúbal, Madeira, and the Azores.

  • €5,200 average price per m²
  • €3,330,000 average house price
Apartments for sale in Lisbon
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Real estate prices in Lisbon are significantly higher than in other regions, yet the city tops PwC’s 2019 ranking of the most attractive investment locations for two reasons: overall national economic growth and the strategic Programa Operacional Regional de Lisboa 2020 destined to enhance living standards, regulate energy efficiency, and streamline the operation of city services and systems. Due to high residential house prices, the best option is to obtain a mortgage loan. To that end, a borrower would need to make a downpayment of no less than 30% of the market value.

Mortgage rate dynamics.
Data is provided by numbeo.com, based on surveys among its users. Tranio does not guarantee its reliability.
Houses for sale in Algarve
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Property in Algarve is the best choice for those who value luxury and comfort. The region is a popular tourist destination that is famous for its excellent beaches. The value of upscale property here starts at €1,000,000, but those looking for budget-friendly options can find moderately-priced townhouses at €150,000-170,000. For the ultimate luxury experience, there is no destination in Portugal more prized than the prestigious area around Almancil called the Golden Triangle with its international golf courses and Michelin-star restaurants.

  • €2,600 average price per m²
  • €740,000 average house price

When choosing the location to buy property in Portugal, it makes sense to buy a coastal home along the Atlantic. Here, you gain access to some of the country’s best resorts at any time of the year and the opportunity to generate passive income from your purchase. The coast invariably attracts tourists, and many of the visitors choose rented apartments or homes instead of hotels for their stay. The income derived from renting your home might cover property maintenance costs and mortgage repayments. Tavira, Alentejo, Cascais and Aveiro are among the most popular regions with low-priced real estate.

LocationApartment, €/per monthHouse, €/per month
Houses for sale in Madeira
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Madeira lures people with its mild climate and the calm pace of a well-balanced life. Thanks to the presence of several climate zones, you can ski in the mountains and finish your day on the beach in just a few hours. A house or a villa in Madeira is perfect for holiday home seekers and investors looking for good revenue from long-term or short-term lease to tourists. One advantage of a property purchase here is the energy certification of each house that allows the buyer to look at all the stages of construction and assess its quality.

  • €2,300 average price per m²
  • €576,000 average house price
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      Pros of buying property in Portugal

      • Affordable prices. Acquiring a residence in a non-tourist district is significantly cheaper than in the other European countries (€35,000 for a 47-sqm apartment on average).
      • No legal restrictions on foreign nationals investing in commercial or residential properties.
      • €500,000 is the minimum investment to secure a Portuguese residence permit in the European Union.
      • Property rental or sale can generate good returns due to rising property prices and tourism industry growth.

      After registering the property title, a homeowner can file for property tax exemption for 10 years. Those planning to live here permanently or work benefit from reduced income tax rates.

      Marina Filichkina Head of sales

      Costs of living in Portugal in 2020

      Location Price per m² in the city centre, € Price per m² in a residential district, € Crime rate Healthcare efficiency level Average salary, € Mortgage rate, %
      Lisbon 4,386 2,463 27.93 71.49 997.68 2.14
      Porto 2,610 1,556 36.55 74.62 824 2.44
      Vila Nova de Gaia 1,762 1,342 31.32 49.07 793 2.40
      Braga 1,481 1,027 41.63 82.45 916 1.83
      Funchal 2,133 1,332 13.98 51.97 869 2.57
      Almada 2,050 1,500 45.59 71.81 902 1.98
      Coimbra 2,262 1,270 19.47 82.94 774 2.45
      Setubal 2,894 2,050 41.78 69.58 842 3.25
      Aveiro 1,716 933 27.16 78.12 820 1.57
      Faro 2,466 193 30.50 50.93 766 3

      The data is provided by numbeo.com and based on the answers of its users. Tranio does not guarantee its reliability.

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