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  • Prague 4, Prague, Czech Republic
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Houses for sale in Prague 4

3 listings

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With garden

1,140,000 €
Total area 450 m²Land area: 1,357 m²3 bedrooms
Duplex penthouse in Greece, Athens

Golden Visa

250,000 €
Total area: 140 m² 4 bedrooms 2 bathrooms

With garden

Price on request
Total area 460 m²Land area: 798 m²3 bedrooms2 bathrooms

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Anna Boyarchukova
Anna Boyarchukova,
Head of Residential Real Estate

Similar properties in Prague 4 and surrounding areas

Townhome – Prague 9, Prague, Czech Republic for 1,172,000 €
1,172,000 €
Total area 486 m²Land area: 649 m²4 bedrooms1 bathroom
Townhome – Prague 9, Prague, Czech Republic for 607,000 €
607,000 €
Total area 151 m²Land area: 311 m²4 bedrooms1 bathroom
Townhome – Prague 6, Prague, Czech Republic for 1,019,000 €
1,019,000 €

With swimming pool

Total area 303 m²Land area: 487 m²9 bedrooms
Townhome – Prague 9, Prague, Czech Republic for 1,489,000 €
1,489,000 €
Total area 518 m²Land area: 848 m²8 bedrooms1 bathroom
Townhome – Prague 5, Prague, Czech Republic for 1,175,000 €
1,175,000 €
Total area 425 m²Land area: 517 m²9 bedrooms2 bathrooms
Detached house – Prague 5, Prague, Czech Republic for 131,000 €
131,000 €
Total area 30 m²Land area: 336 m²2 bedrooms
Townhome – Prague 9, Prague, Czech Republic for 705,000 €
705,000 €
Total area 190 m²Land area: 665 m²8 bedrooms2 bathrooms
Townhome – Prague 8, Prague, Czech Republic for 806,000 €
806,000 €

With garden

Total area 480 m²Land area: 950 m²2 bathrooms
Townhome – Prague 10, Prague, Czech Republic for 872,000 €
872,000 €

With garden

Total area 169 m²Land area: 471 m²4 bedrooms
Villa – Prague, Czech Republic. Price on request
Price on request
Total area 800 m²Land area: 1,984 m²4 bedrooms4 bathrooms
Renovated furnished villa with a day spa, a garden and garages in the diplomatic quarter, Prague 6, Czech Republic. Price on request
Price on request
Total area 934 m²Land area: 1,400 m²8 bedrooms7 bathrooms
Villa – Prague, Czech Republic for 3,755,000 €
3,755,000 €
Total area 750 m²Land area: 3,840 m²
Sale, Family villa with a garden, 290 m², plot 1,015 m²
- Praha 10, Dubeček for 1,450,000 €
1,450,000 €
Total area 290 m²Land area: 1,015 m²
Villa – Prague 5, Prague, Czech Republic for 1,330,000 €
1,330,000 €
Total area 380 m²Land area: 680 m²4 bedrooms2 bathrooms
Villa – Prague 5, Prague, Czech Republic for 2,243,000 €
2,243,000 €
Total area 356 m²Land area: 973 m²4 bedrooms4 bathrooms
Townhome – Prague 5, Prague, Czech Republic for 332,000 €
332,000 €

With balcony/terrace

Total area 156 m²2 bedrooms1 bathroom
Townhome – Prague, Czech Republic for 307,000 €
307,000 €

With balcony/terrace

Total area 140 m²
Villa with a terrace and a garden next to the park, in the fifth district of Prague, Czech Republic for 2,613,000 €
2,613,000 €
Total area 580 m²Land area: 1,500 m²5 bedrooms4 bathrooms
Townhome – Prague, Czech Republic for 314,000 €
314,000 €

With balcony/terrace

Total area 100 m²
Villa – Prague 8, Prague, Czech Republic. Price on request
Price on request
Total area 120 m²
Villa – Prague 8, Prague, Czech Republic for 3,245,000 €
3,245,000 €
Total area 965 m²Land area: 1,374 m²

FAQ about Prague

How high are mortgage rates in the Czech Republic?
Mortgage rates range between 2.49-2.79% per annum. Investors can take out loans to buy commissioned real estate or property under construction, and can also refinance existing mortgages in the country. Unfortunately, lending terms for non-EU citizens have become tougher. We recommend that non-residents rely solely on their own funds.
Is it beneficial for foreigners to get a mortgage in Prague?
Yes it is. In, the capital and the entire Czech Republic mortgage lending terms are the most beneficial for foreign nationals. Property is more affordable compared to neighbouring Austria and Germany, however, unfortunately lending terms still currently only beneficial for locals. Lending terms for non-EU citizens have become tougher. We recommend that non-residents rely solely on their own funds.
Can foreigners get a permanent residence visa in the Czech Republic by buying real estate?
Buying a residential property in the Czech Republic entitles the owner to a multi-entry Schengen Visa, which allows a non-resident to stay in the country for 90 days every six months (180 days per year). A third visa extension can be applied for in five years, but the period of stay remains the same.
How long does it take to buy real estate in Prague?
Buying and registering real estate in Prague usually takes up to three months.
Can foreign nationals lease residential real estate in Prague? What are the average investment yields?
Yes they can. The average yield rate for apartments in central Prague is about 4%. Tranio offers Czech residential real estate investments with net yields of 5% per annum (after utility payments).
What type of apartments in Prague are better to invest in for rental purposes?
The most profitable are apartments or studios with 25-35 m² of floor space. Their yields usually reach 5-6% per annum. Generally, the larger the apartment, the lower the yield: for a two-bedroom apartment expect about 4% and for a three-bedroom place, just 3%. Small flats can be used for short-term tourist leases.
Where is the best place to buy an apartment in Prague?
It is better to buy Prague real estate near metro stations and public transport. The most attractive residential districts are Prague 5, Prague 9, and Prague 10. Popular locations are Vinohrady, Vyšehrad, Holešovice, and Žižkov. The Dejvice and Suchdol neighbourhoods of Prague 6 are promising in terms of lease potential.
Is buying real estate in Prague a good investment?
Residential real estate investments are profitable because of the country’s favourable economic indicators, stable rental demand, low prices per square meter in comparison to other European countries, and the possibility of selling the residential property at a profit.
What are property prices like in Prague?
On average, Apartments in Prague cost €1,500-3,700/m². In other regions, apartment prices range from €850-2,000/m². Detached houses in Prague cost from €1,250-1,600/m².

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1,900,000 €

With balcony/terrace

Townhome – Jurmala, Latvia

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249,000 € Spacious townhouse with a pool, S'agaro, Spain

The townhouse 100 m2 is located in the closed residential complex with a swimming pool. The property has a terrace. There are air conditioning in the rooms. The apartment is equipped with a heating a…

185,000 €

With swimming pool

Villa under construction with a swimming pool, a picturesque view and an independent apartment, Epidavros, Greece

We offer a villa with a beautiful swimming pool of 50 m², panoramic views of the sea and the mountains. The house is at the stage of the concrete structure, the frame construction is completed.

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